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Release 27.04.2017

Finnish companies show off their skills with Stockholm’s urban development projects

The Stockholm Royal Seaport project relies on high environmental standards and innovative solutions. A group of Finnish companies, specializing in high-performance buildings and meeting these requirements, will meet Swedish property owners, designers and architects at the Smart Solutions for Ventilation and Heating event at the Embassy of Finland in Stockholm on May 4th 2017. The event is organized by the Finnish trade promotion agency Finpro and Swedish Aktea Energy AB. Members of the press are very welcome to join the event.

Stockholm is undertaking major urban development projects to keep up with the needs of the growing city. One of the key projects, the Stockholm Royal Seaport district covering an impressive 12 000 new homes and 35 000 new workplaces, opens up a multitude of opportunities for Finnish-Swedish cooperation.

Buildings consume a lot of energy and cause up to 36 % of CO2 emissions in the European Union. Thus, a major trend among many countries is to increase sustainability in the built environment. Stockholm is considered one of the global forerunners in energy efficiency and Stockholm Royal Seaport does not make an exception.

Stockholm’s aspiration of sustainability has been duly noted in Finland. Meanwhile, the Swedes are well aware of Finnish expertise in managing smart high-performance buildings with greater energy efficiency and life cycle costs, better indoor air quality, and higher levels of comfort.

“The advanced Finnish solutions for ventilation and heating are a perfect match for Stockholm. Our companies know how to combine seamlessly ventilation and heating with smart solutions that support the likes of real-time measurement, automation and demand-side management,” says Petri Lintumäki, Program Manager at Finpro.

“There is an interest in Finnish technology and products, and also a real need for more suppliers on the Swedish property development market. That is why so many of Sweden’s leading property owners, property developers, architects and technical consultants will be represented at the event,” says Stefan Lindsköld, the CEO of Aktea. ”Even though the event is now fully booked we still receive registrations and try to make room for every company that wants to attend.”

The Finnish companies at the event will be smart heating and ventilation companies AirD (, Fourdeg (, Leanheat ( and Opti Automation (, balcony façade producer Lumon (, water treatment optimizers KL-Lämpö ( and Vercon (, advanced heating and cooling panel company Itula (, smart building software company Nuuka Solutions ( as well as IoT platform provider BaseN (

More information

Petri Lintumäki, Program Manager, Finpro, e-mail:, p. +358 40 343 3299

Jonas Granqvist, Advisor, Finpro Stockholm, e-mail:, p. +46 76 806 4676

Stefan Lindsköld, Aktea Energy AB, e-mail:, p. +46 703 690 544

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