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Release 15.06.2017

Finnish engineering talent draws Hongkongese Paladin to Finland

A Hong Kong stock exchange listed investment holding company Paladin Ltd (HKEX 495) has established two technology companies in Finland. The company duo named Kindhelm and Pexraytech is set to conduct research and product development as well as carry out system integration projects and programs. Recruitment of new employees has started.

Paladin trusts in the strength of Finnish engineering. As Paladin investigated the possibilities of entering the Finnish market, the Hongkongese company became particularly attracted by the level and experience of applied research and product development engineering talent in Finland.

For Paladin, the strong local know-how is crucial, as the company plans to integrate and tailor existing and newly developed technologies for larger, advanced systems.

In Finland, Paladin does not look to hide its light under a bushel. One of the company’s main goals is to take an active role in Finnish and European research and development collaboration.

“The Finnish tech ecosystem is one of the most attractive in the world,” says James Oung, the CEO of Paladin. “We are extremely excited to build up our business in Finland and simultaneously strengthen our presence in Europe. During this process, we have received outstanding help from Finpro, Helsinki Business Hub, Espoo Marketing and Tekes.”

“Paladin’s decision to locate here underlines Finland’s existing strengths in technology,” comments Markku Lehikoinen, Senior Advisor at Finpro’s Invest in Finland. “Meanwhile, it further enriches the Finnish tech ecosystem. We are more than happy to welcome Paladin to Finland.”

Twofold focus in Finland

Of the two companies, Kindhelm will have a focus on high-accuracy navigation and positioning technologies. Globally, the importance of such solutions has been steadily growing for the likes of the aerospace and marine industries.

Meanwhile, Pexraytech’s activities are organised around X-ray devices. The new company starts with an R&D phase that involves further developing X-ray technology and application in order to meet the necessary product specifications.

The starting point could not be any better.

“We aim to run profitable and sustainable commercial enterprises that ultimately become leading companies in their specific fields,” says James Oung. “Bearing in mind our goals, Finland has a highly advanced local technology research infrastructure, which works perfectly for us. Meanwhile, there are plenty of potential customers among the Finnish and European advanced technology companies.”

Kindhelm and Pexraytech have started operations at Innopoli 1 in Otaniemi, Espoo. Simultaneously, the companies have kicked off the recruitment processes for the new employees.


More information:

Lauri Lipasti, Technical Director, Kindhelm, +358405480254,

Tommi Peltomäki, Technical Director, Pexraytech, +358505672279,

Markku Lehikoinen, Senior Advisor, Finpro, Invest in Finland, +358405044390,

Hetta Huittinen, Communications Manager, Finpro, +358 40 033 9597,


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