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Release 03.05.2017

First time in history: Finland, Sweden and Denmark present the Nordic delicacies together at HOFEX2017

As continuation to the active cooperation between the Nordic countries, an impressive Nordic Pavilion of 240m2 will present the fresh and delicious food and beverage offering from Finland, Sweden and Denmark to an audience of 40,000 regional buyers at HOFEX2017 in Hong Kong. The theme for the Nordic pavilion is Premium by Nature, or 自然瑰宝.

In Finland, the world’s northernmost agriculture produces pure food in extreme conditions. The short but intensive growing season generates inimitable, delicious tastes and the health-promoting properties of foods. Cold winters kill off bugs, so less pesticide are used.  Finland is also known for the low use of antibiotics in food-producing animals, the animal disease burden is extremely low as e.g the salmonella prevalence in beef, pork, poultry and egg production chains is < 1 %. Finland really offers pure ingredients from its pure soil, pure water and air.

Finland is also a benchmarked leader in food innovations. New products emerge especially in the functional and free from sector. The recognition acclaim Finnish companies have received at international food fairs and in food and drink innovation competitions are strong proof points for our high level know how and ability to offer interesting products.

“In Finland, we take for granted that we know where our food ingredients are coming from and that the ingredients are safe to enjoy. Cooperation across the food processing chain, from raw ingredients to finished products, is transparent,” says Esa Wrang, Director of the Food from Finland export program at Finpro. “We are very glad of our Nordic cooperation and that we can present the Naturally Delicious Finnish food and drink offering at Hofex. The Nordic region is small in terms of population, but it is globally known for its high quality of life, clean nature, and safe products. The further away we travel from our home countries, the stronger we are together.”

The Food from Finland stand, as part of the Nordic Pavilion at HOFEX 2017 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC) 8-11 May 2017, can be found at 3C-126 featuring following companies:


Alberga Brewing is Finland based brewing company founded in 2016. The vision is to become the ”Apple” of the brewing and beverage industry: making super premium, high quality beers with cool branding and developing alcoholic beverages with unique stories. Recipes are developed in collaboration with top brew-masters and highly recognized chefs to create a perfect harmony between beer and food.

Finnish Cheese Company specializes on gourmet spreads. Silva cheese spreads are made with the finest ingredients: real smoked reindeer, blue cheese, fresh garlic and black trumpet mushrooms. In addition to Silva, Finnish Cheese Company also offer ILO Hummus-vegetarian spreads.

Hartwall is the growing leader in the beverage industry. The journey started with mineral waters in 1836. Currently the product portfolio includes beers, ciders and long drinks, bottled waters, soft drinks, juices and specialty drinks as well as, through the subsidiary Hartwa-Trade, wines and other alcoholic beverages.
Hartwall Original Gin Long Drink – the only cocktail served in a can - was launched in 1952 for the Helsinki Olympics, having been developed to ease the workload of restaurant staff serving Olympic tourists. Already iconic in Finland and now most important export product for Hartwall.

Helsingin Kalatalo is a modern fish and food processing facility near Helsinki, Finland. The main products are fish products (fresh, smoked, fried and salted), roe products (fresh, pasteurized and frozen roe) and ready-made-meals (from sushi to traditional Scandinavian dishes). Kalatalo facility has the FSSC 22000 Food Safety System Certification. All the products are made out of premium quality ingredients. No wonder the products have found their client base also in the most selective fine-dining restaurants. 

Hunajainen SAM is a family-owned Premium Honey Company. The company has over 25 years of experience in category extension through high product quality, innovative product development, consumer driven concepts and active brand support. Hunajainen SAM Oy is the retail and wholesale market leader in Finland.

Kotipellon Puutarha (Kotipelto Farm) is a small family business. All Kotipellon puutarha products are quality vegetables of unpolluted Finnish ground. Handpicked and packed salads go through several inspections in order a boxful of greens to be a collection of the finest part of the crop. Salads are watered with the world´s cleanest groundwater. If you want to see what happens on the farm on daily basis please see on Instagram #mimisversot.

L’Uomu Nokka organic broiler chickens are Hubbard CY, an organic breed that is able and allowed to move around freely. The broilers enjoy plenty of daylight and fresh air as they run around in a garden, digging and socializing. Finnish nature, with its expansive coniferous forests, thousands of lakes and variance in daylight between the seasons, gives Finnish organic broiler a distinctive clean taste. Food safety is world class.

Mahla Forest is specialized in natural health company. The company is located amidst clean forest and alongside clear bodies of water. Flagship product, Lagrima Arctica, the Arctic Tear, is a Finnish festive drink made from the sprouts of spruce trees, picked in early spring when they are still soft, sweet and pale green in colour. Lagrima Arctica is a fine drink made for special occasions, to be served alongside champagne, or as a part of delicious cocktails. Mahla Forest stands for ecology, Finnish identity, service-mindedness, reliability, tradition and continuous product development. 

Sinebrychoff is the oldest brewery in the Nordic countries since 1819. Apart from hops, all raw materials for beer are acquired near the brewery: Finnish barley malt, water and yeast.

Hop is usually imported from Germany, Czech Republic or USA. The commitment of Sinebrychoff is to create value and great moments for consumers, customers and distribution partners with high quality brands. Sinebrychoff is part of the international Carlsberg Group.

VEEN Waters is internationally awarded Water Company from Finnish Lapland. The water origins from an amazing spring in the wilderness of the Arctic Circle providing the smoothest water in the world. The exceptional waters of VEEN Waters have seduced the international juries by their character, their taste and their elegance.


More information:

Esa Wrang
Director, Food from Finland, Head of Industry, Food
Mobile: +358 400 243 076


Finpro helps Finnish SMEs go international, encourages foreign direct investment in Finland and promotes tourism. Finpro comprises Export Finland, Visit Finland and Invest in Finland. Finpro is a public sector operator with 240 experts serving in 37 export centres in 31 countries and 6 regional offices in Finland.

Food from Finland is a Finpro managed export program presenting Finnish food and drink industry and its high quality and naturally delicious products. The program is financed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment. The program is executed together with the Finnish Food and Drink Industries' Federation (ETL) and most importantly, private companies in the Finnish food sector.