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Release 19.05.2020

AI-powered Dealflow Finland service enables companies to meet international investors online

Investors are interested in Finland: in 2019, Finnish startups and growth companies raised a record amount of new investments, a total of EUR 511 million. The most significant increase in investments came from foreign private equity investors, who invested a total of EUR 180 million in 27 Finnish companies. It is especially important for companies to be visible online now that it is not possible to attend investor events.

The Dealflow Finland online service, which connects Finnish companies and international investors, has been well received, and the number of users is growing steadily. Already more than 300 Finnish companies have completed their profile on the service. is open to all Finnish companies that have a finished product or a competitive innovation and are aiming for international growth and financing.

 “A company should create a profile if it is applying for external financing during the next year and a half. The profile helps the company to gain valuable visibility in the investor field in good time,” says Marko Vänskä, Head of Investor Services, Business Finland. “Alongside the service, investor presentations are also made by Business Finland's global Investor Services team in the United States, Asian countries, Nordics, United Kingdom and Middle East.”

The investors registered for the service are typically venture capital, private equity or industrial investors. Investors can be in direct contact with the company through the service. The company cannot contact the investor until the investor takes the initiative. Since the service was launched for investors in late 2019, the company profiles have been viewed more than 14,000 times by investors. Monthly, there is an average of 1,200 investor visits to the company profiles.

AI boosts investment target search during exceptional times

An artificial intelligence feature added to the Dealflow service makes it easier to find the companies with the best match. AI calculates a correlation figure to describe the relevance between the investor and each Finnish company in service. The figure is calculated using information about the investor’s focus areas and the companies’ description of their business, as well as public information about the company, such as websites, press releases and articles. A version of the AI feature is now being released in order to get feedback and to support further development work.

“The service is easy to use and generates relevant listings of companies that meet our investment criteria. We will utilize the Dealflow service as part of our investment processes,” says Lewis Jones, investment analyst at Seprahim Capital.

During the corona epidemic, an investor's gaze may shift to companies that offer new solutions such as video conferencing, distance learning, well-being monitoring, disinfection and virus diagnostics. “Crisis management” and “epidemic solutions” have been added to the business categories of the Dealflow service.

 “Finland has high-quality companies and solid expertise across many industries. Accordingly, it is important to ensure that the companies attract international investments and our startup sector remains vibrant also in the future,” says Business Finland’s Executive Director Marjo Ilmari.

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Marko Vänskä
Head of Growth Capital, Business Finland
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Marjo Ilmari
Executive Director, Business Finland
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