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Release 09.10.2020

Economic growth, sustainability and competitiveness selected to steer Business Finland’s operations

Business Finland’s new strategy was launched on Monday, 28 September. The strategy aims to serve the needs of Finnish business life even better than before. Business Finland has almost completed its organisational reform, which is based on the new strategy and meant to ensure customer-orientation and improve the employee experience. Nina Kopola, who has been leading Business Finland for a year, summarises the core of the renewed strategy: to accelerate customers’ sustainable growth globally. “The world changes, and Finland must remain at the forefront of this change. We can only get out of the crisis by making bold investments in renewal.”

Business Finland wants to be an exemplary reformer. Kopola emphasises that now is the right time to renew the strategy and organisation. The strategy is the answer to how Business Finland can best create added value to its customers, impact the society and what kind of changes are required for the organisation to function better. We want to be the best workplace for leading experts.

- "Finland's success has always been based on the ability to adapt to changes and turn difficulties into victories. Finland can be lifted to its feet only by investing in innovations and internationalisation," Nina Kopola reflects.

Promoting the well-being of the economy and society forms the basis of Business Finland's operations. Business Finland impacts the development of the society in a positive manner by investing in three core areas: economic growth, sustainable development and competitiveness.

- "Only companies that are successful and able to renew themselves can create jobs and tax revenue which guarantee the well-being of future generations. Business Finland's strategic goal is to ensure that our experts and services help our customers—Finnish companies, research organisations and public actors—to succeed globally, develop sustainable solutions and operations as well as to renew their operations boldly. The new strategy steers our daily work."

Challenge competition for leading companies is an example of the new strategy

Business Finland challenged leading international companies to solve significant future challenges and to increase their research, development and innovation (RDI) investments in Finland. The candidates were also expected to cooperate with SMEs and research organisations. Business Finland pledged to fund the winning initiatives with a total of EUR 60 million once the mutually set goals have been achieved. Further information is available at

Three initiatives from four leading companies—Neste, Fortum, Metsä Group and Nokia—were selected as winners of the competition last summer.

- "With COVID-19, it's even more important that companies invest in new innovations so that they can survive even after the crisis. These innovative initiatives indicate that Finland must continuously develop new ideas, some of which will turn into innovations on the global markets. We need new creative RDI activities, corporate internationalisation, co-operation between research and companies as well as direct investments in order to ensure that Finland remains a global pioneer in the future," Nina Kopola says.

The companies that won the challenge are committed to creating hundreds of RDI jobs and increase their RDI investments by hundreds of millions of euros. Once they succeed, the initiatives will lead to additional investments of several billion euros in Finland, offer solutions to significant future challenges and positively impact Finland's expertise, competitiveness and RDI efforts in a significant manner.

- "We promote Finland's potential and match it with global opportunities. Business Finland's new strategy serves customer needs better and accelerates sustainable growth globally. The goal is to create world-class success stories," Nina Kopola describes the reform.

Business Finland is a Finnish public-sector operator which offers innovation funding and internationalisation services and promotes tourism and investments in Finland. The organisation employs 750 specialists in 44 global locations and 16 offices in Finland. Business Finland is part of the Team Finland network.

Further information

Director General Nina Kopola, nina.kopola (at)

Executive Director of Communications Tomi Korhonen
tomi.korhonen (at), tel. +358 50 449 9575