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Release 20.11.2020

National Hydrogen Roadmap guides Finland towards carbon neutrality

Finland’s targets are to become carbon neutral by 2035 and carbon negative by 2050. These are some of the most ambitious targets in the world. Hydrogen is part of the national energy and climate strategy of Finland. Finland does not have a separate hydrogen strategy. Instead, hydrogen is considered to be an integral part of these.

The energy sector has a critical role in the creation of a low-carbon society. In this connection, hydrogen has been a major part of the global discussion. Hydrogen can be used to more effectively utilize renewable energy, and it enables longer-term storage of energy. Furthermore, hydrogen is an important source of synthetic fuels and chemicals.

Several of the industrial sectors in Finland have prepared their own hydrogen roadmaps. For this reason, achieving a national view on the role of hydrogen in making Finland carbon neutral has been important.

Another essential issue has been analyzing Finland's strengths and opportunities in the global hydrogen economy market. For this purpose, Finland's potential in the entire value chain, including the production and transmission of energy, industrial consumption, storage, and the transport sector, was analyzed in the roadmap.

"As a small country, Finland cannot be the world leader in the entire value chain. Identifying the parts of the value chain where we can have a major role in the future is important", says Helena Sarén, the head of the Smart Energy program in Business Finland.

Hydrogen Roadmap analyzes Finland's strengths and opportunities

Special opportunities identified in the Hydrogen Roadmap include the production of synthetic fuels, cost-effective production of low-carbon hydrogen, production of low-carbon steel, and decreasing the logistics expenses of Finnish industry. Other identified strengths included a variety of cross-industrial comprehensive circular economy energy solutions.

"The Green Electrification ecosystem managed by Clic Innovation and funded by Business Finland is a good example of circular economy energy solutions. In addition, funding granted to leading company Neste to create an expertise hub based on synthetic fuels in Finland will increase our competitiveness in the future", Sarén says.

Identifying Finland's strengths is vital for the promotion of Finland's national interests in the decision-making processes of the EU. Furthermore, one of the basic prerequisites for the creation of global partnerships is the determination of our strengths and targets.

"The Hydrogen Roadmap will also assist political decision-makers in creating regulations and legislation that is sensible from Finland's perspective. Understanding the whole is of utmost importance",  says Juhani Laurikko, Principal Scientist. Laurikko was the head of a team of experts from VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland that created the Hydrogen Roadmap. The team included experts from a variety of sectors.

National Hydrogen Roadmap for Finland


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