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Release 26.05.2021

Find your dream tech & gaming job in the world's happiest country with Finland's fast track program

Come and work in the happiest country in the world. Finland offers attractive work opportunities and a high quality of life.

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Finland is giving tech-savvy Americans the chance to live and work in the happiest country in the world with its new Fast Track recruitment program. Organized by the Team Finland network including Business Finland, Finnish Immigration Service (MIGRI), Consulate General of Finland in Los Angeles, Centre for Economic Development Finland and Neogames, the program offers professionals from the United States up to 50 work opportunities in ICT and gaming at 20 top Finnish companies. Candidates hired by a company within the program will benefit from the two-week accelerated work permit process by the MIGRI, via Fast Track and an extensive relocation service offered to those who land a job in Finland. There has never been a better time to jump at the chance to work and live a fulfilling life in the land of happiness.

Finland is a Technology and Gaming Superpower

As a global leader in the ICT and gaming industries, Finland has a vibrant innovation ecosystem that supports a booming startup scene. The Finnish ICT industry is known for its world-changing advancements and skilled talent that make it one of the best places to develop games. Many well-known gaming studios started in Finland, such as Supercell, Critical Force and Next Games. World-class technology, a talented workforce and excellent research and development opportunities are some of the ways professionals are able to advance their careers in Finland.

Perks of Life in Finland

The Fast Track program makes the transition for professionals and their families seamless. All recruits will receive their work permit within two weeks, and Finland offers a number of relocation services to support the integration of spouses and families. With day care and school services in both Finnish and English languages, Finland makes it simple for families to adjust to life in Finland.

Finland offers a free, world-class education system and a safe, healthy society. In Finland, everyone is given the equal opportunity to receive high quality education, regardless of the family’s income. In addition, the employee-friendly working hours in Finland allow professionals to slow down, enjoy the work-life balance and spend time with their families, which is especially valuable to professionals with young children.

The World’s Happiest & Greenest Country

The Finns have long been considered to lead one of the happiest lifestyles – and who doesn’t strive to achieve a high-level of contentment in their everyday lives? Finland is the only country that has held the title of happiest country in the world for four years in a row (2018-2021) as stated by the annual World Happiness Report, published by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network, a global initiative for the United Nations. Finnish well-being can be attributed to a number of factors, with many Finns crediting their connection to nature and the outdoors for their zest for life, as over 90% of Finland is covered in either forest or water. As nature plays such a vital role in day-to-day life, Finns work to protect the environment through a number of green initiatives such as Sustainable Travel Finland and the country’s commitment to becoming Carbon neutral by 2035. Through the Fast Track program, Americans will be given the chance to find and define their happiness the Finnish way.

With the top Finnish ICT and gaming companies searching for the best tech talent in the United States, Americans now have the opportunity to be the newest residents of the world’s happiest country! Find your dream job and fast track your way to Finland.

View open positions and learn more about Fast Track program . 

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