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Release 25.02.2022

Five new energy sector projects nominated for the demonstration projects of Sino-Finnish cooperation

Five Sino-Finnish projects have been selected as candidates for the countries’ new joint demonstration projects in the energy sector. This year’s candidate projects continue the long-term building of cooperation between the countries.

For a long time, Finland has built cooperation with China to boost the development of a sustainable energy economy. Joint projects have been implemented since 2018. The implementation of the joint projects is based on the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland and the National Energy Administration of China.

“The practical implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Finnish and Chinese energy administrations is based on the promotion of concrete projects. The selection of five new projects as demonstration projects is an important step in this work,” says Juho Korteniemi, Chief Specialist at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland.

The planned projects of Finnish and Chinese companies and operators in the energy sector focus on, for example, renewable and low-emission energy production and new innovations in the sector.

Company-level cooperation is coordinated by Business Finland and the Chinese energy institute EPPEI

In China, the candidate projects will receive the status of “demo projects” as they enter the implementation phase.

“We will follow the progress of the projects closely over the course of the year. The realization of these kinds of extensive cooperation opportunities requires a huge effort from the companies involved. The work will pay off, as China has growing potential in the sector. Companies benefit from projects of this type because they get support from two countries,” explains Maria Ala-Kaila from Business Finland.

The candidates for the demonstration projects were selected by a Sino-Finnish energy cooperation group with the participation of Finnish and Chinese officials and experts in the energy sector.

The candidates for the demonstration projects are the following

1. Peak and load-following power generation and residual heat recovery project in Jiangsu
(Huaneng Taicang Power Plant ICE Coupling Power Generation Project)

Companies behind the project
• Wärtsilä Corporation
• Huaneng Taicang Power Generation Co., Ltd

2. Low-carbon energy production related to the production, storage, and use of electricity and hydrogen in the Guangzhou region
(Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau Power Grid-Hydrogen Integrated Low-Carbon Project)

Companies behind the project
• Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau, Guangdong
• Power Grid Oy
• Q Power Oy
• Elcogen Oy

3. A project exploring the various implementation methods of decentralized energy production in Tianjin
CR Power Project of Multi Energy Complementary & Distributed Energy Supply in Jiuyuan Industrial Park, Baodi District, Tianjin

Companies behind the project
• Convion Oy
• China Resources Power Holdings Co., Ltd Baodi District, Tianjin

4. Energy recovery from wastewater in Zhejiang
Nanjing Gekof Huzhou Power Plant Desulfurization Wastewater Precipitate Energy Utilization Process Project

Companies behind the project
• Nanjing Gekof Institute of Environmental Protection Technology & Equipment Co., Ltd.

5. Energy production from agricultural biomass at a dry digestion plant in Jiangsu
CNFI New Energy Jiangsu Production of Biogas by Dry Fermentation of Straw and its Comprehensive Utilization Project

Companies behind the project
• Metener Oy
• CNFI New Energy Jiangsu Co., LTD.

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Further information

Maria Ala-Kaila
Network Lead, Business Finland
Maria.ala-kaila (at), tel. +358 50 529 9915

Juho Korteniemi
Chief Specialist, Ministry of Employment and the Economy
juho.korteniemi (at) tel. +358 29 504 7054