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News 16.10.2018

Decrease in grid fees – greater savings for data centers in Finland

Fingrid, the national electricity transmission carrier of Finland, will decrease its grid service fees by eight per cent on average as of the start of 2019. Fingrid reasons the lowering of its fees on positive earnings development in the first half of 2018, excellent cost-efficiency, a moderate investment rate and anticipated slight growth in electricity consumption.

Finland is a cost efficient and reliable supplier

Finland is integrated to the Nordic electricity market with one of the lowest electricity prices in Europe. Transmission reliability outshines even its closest competitors: in 2017, it was as high as 99.9997%. Data centers in Finland enjoy the best possible location between the east and west of the Eurasian continent, making it strategic from the perspective of global connectivity.

Even better, in Finland waste heat produced by data centers in Finland is a sellable asset that further reduces the operational costs. Data centers in Finland continue to save millions in total energy costs in Finland.

"We are happy that Fingrid is decreasing the grid service fees, which were already low," says Alpo Akujärvi, Head of industry, Data Centers at Invest in Finland. "We can expect the reduction to increase Finland's competitiveness and attractiveness when deciding on aspects such as data center location. This is a good message for a number of other industries as well."

Further information:

Alpo Akujärvi
Head of Industry, Data Centers
alpo.akujarvi (at)
M: +358 (0)40 7276 131

Image: Fingrid


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