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News 26.09.2018

Finland is #1 for intellectual and physical property rights

For the eighth time in ten years, Finland leads the global rankings of the International Property Rights Index (IPRI), published annually by the Property Rights Alliance. The index includes 125 countries, covering 98% of the world's Gross Domestic Product and 93% of the world's population. IPRI examines the underlying institutions of a strong property rights regime: the legal and political environment, physical property rights, and intellectual property rights.

Finland's outstanding performance is based on consistent scores across all the categories, ranking second overall in the Legal and Political Subindex, fifth in the Physical Property Rights Subindex, and first in the Intellectual Property Rights Subindex.

Within these subindices, Finland is the leader or among the top three countries in the areas of judicial independence, rule of law, control of corruption, protection of physical property, protection of intellectual property rights, and patent protection.

Results reveal Finland's strengths as an investment location

Finland has topped IPRI's global rankings every year since 2009, except in 2011 and 2017 when it was ranked in second place.

"IPRI 2018 offers a comprehensive view of how societies work, starting from how well the major institutions function. Finland's excellent results reflect the many strengths of a society that cannot be built overnight – they are the product of systematic and balanced development," says Hannu Syrjälä, CEO at Berggren, the leading IP service provider in Finland.

"International companies make investment decisions based on a long-term analysis of factors like the stability of a country's political and legal systems, and investments in education. Finland offers an exceptional level institutional stability combined with a strong and dynamic innovation environment. The results from IPRI 2018 demonstrate the compelling arguments for locating R&D&I activities in Finland."

According to IPRI, the index also examines the robust relationship between property rights and other economic and social indicators of well-being, including gender equality, entrepreneurship, research and development, human development, civic activism, and also measures internet related e-society indicators.