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News 31.05.2018

Finland to grow global pioneer in personalized health by 2025

Business Finland launches a new program in the area of health. The programme is focused on creating new international business and innovations for personalized healthcare platforms, and on attracting foreign investment to Finland. The aim is for Finland to become a global pioneer in developing personalized health care by 2025.

World leading health technology companies are already in Finland

Many leading global health technology and life science companies have identified Finland as a health technology forerunner and have established R&D sites and Centers of Excellence in Finland, including GE healthcare, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Danaher, PerkinElmer and Bayer. Number of medical technology companies that are developing new technologies and solutions in Finland value the fact that Finland is ranked #4 in the world in Industry-University collaboration (Global Innovation index 2016).

The combination of a long-standing tradition in efficient healthcare, digitalization of health data and the Nokia engineering ecosystem has made Finland the premier location for health R&D.

Access to Business Finland services and building ecosystems

Companies joining the new program will have access to wide range of Business Finland services. The program offers tools for building business ecosystems, as well as increasing exports, innovations and foreign investments in Finland. The program aims to boost growth and competitiveness of the companies.

Read more about Personalized Health Program

If you want to learn how you can benefit from joining the Finnish personalized health ecosystem, please contact us.

Further information:

Nora Kaarela
Head of Industry, Health & Wellbeing
nora.kaarela (at)
Mobile: +358 (0)400 897 020


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