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News 24.05.2018

Graphene company Imgne invests in R&D in Finland joins ecosystem

Imgne, a pioneering Australian graphene manufacturer and smart material company, has opened its European headquarters in Finland. In Finland, the company's main focus is on research and development.

The Australia-based company Imgne is ready to transform industries. The company specializes in a material called graphene, which enables altogether new smart materials and applications.

Graphene is the world's strongest material with exceptional electrical conductivity. It is ultrathin, consisting of a single layer of carbon atoms. Graphene was found in 2004 and the founders were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2010.

Due to its remarkable features, graphene has been widely researched but commercial applications are still rare.

"We are among the first companies globally, who can productize graphene," says Jaakko Kaidesoja, Imgne's CRO in Europe. "With graphene, we can create intelligent surfaces with real-time data. The potential for such a solution is huge across the industries, from construction and automotive industries to electronics and mining."

For reference, in transportation, graphene enables intelligent roads, which sense the road surface in real-time.

According to the company, they selected Finland for a number of reasons, including the availability of talent, and Imgne's success in working with former Nokia employees in the formative stages of the business.

Along the way, Business Finland has been supporting Imgne's market entry to Finland.

"Imgne's decision to invest in R&D in Finland is a great example of our tech ecosystem's attractiveness," says Janne Kari, Senior Advisor at Business Finland's Invest in Finland unit. "When it comes to R&D, a company needs competitive subcontractors as well as readiness to cooperate and form ecosystems. These have been one our core strengths in international comparison."

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Janne Kari, Senior Advisor
Invest in Finland, Business Finland
janne.kari (at)
Mobile: +358 (0)40 541 0580

Jaakko Kaidesoja
CRO Europe/MD Finland, Imgne
jaakko.kaidesoja (at)
Mobile: +358 (0)40 724 6123