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News 27.08.2018

Hetzner Data Center Park Helsinki: Operational, great cost savings

German Internet hosting company and data center operator Hetzner Online has established its first international data center park in Finland. More than 300 guests from Finland and Germany attended the official opening ceremonies of Hetzner Data Center Park Helsinki on 23 August 2018, including Martin Hetzner, owner and CEO of Hetzner Online.

Hetzner's first data center at the Tuusula site has been serving global customers since March this year and a Colocation Center is set to go online in September. Another four data center units are already under construction. Hetzner plans to build up to 20 data center units at the 150,000 square meter site.

"Not only are the physical conditions and redundant connectivity optimal for colocation customers in Helsinki, there is also the park's convenient location near the international airport. Therefore, we expect that the Colocation Center will attract international customers," says Daniel Biller, Head of Development, Hetzner Online.

Finland offers cost-effective location

According to Hetzner Online, the combination of Finland's northern climate and the company's own efficient data center design means that the servers in Finland are more cost-effective than in German locations. About 98% of the data centers' cooling consists of direct free cooling.

"Cheap electricity prices, low temperatures, good connectivity and availability of land – these are the main reasons why Hetzner decided to locate the data center park in Finland," Biller explains.

The new data center park is powered by 100% wind energy supplied by Vantaan Energia. The electricity costs of a data center located in Finland can be less than half of a similar facility in Germany.

"Our server pricing in Finland is lower throughout our dedicated server lines due to Finland's favourable energy pricing. This price difference is attractive to many of our customers," says Biller.

Support from Invest in Finland

Hetzner's search for a suitable data center site was supported from the beginning by Invest in Finland, which is part of Business Finland, the Finnish innovation funding, trade, investment, and travel promotion organization owned by the Finnish Government.

"Hetzner is the first major German actor to establish a data center in Finland and its investment represents a significant addition and growth enabler to Finland's digital ecosystem. Hetzner also invested in C-Lion 1, the high-speed submarine fiber optic cable between Finland and Germany which was completed in 2016," says Alpo Akujärvi, Head of Industry, Data Centers, Invest in Finland.

Finland has previously attracted data center investments by Google, Microsoft, Yandex, Equinix and Telia, among others.

Interested in hearing more about investment opportunities in Finland? Please contact:

Alpo Akujärvi
Head of Industry, Data Centers, Invest in Finland
alpo.akujarvi (at)
Mobile: +358 (0)40 7276 131


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