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News 20.03.2018

Locating in Finland saves costs for german Hetzner's data centers

After two years of planning and construction, the first unit in Hetzner's data center complex has become operational in Helsinki region, Tuusula, Finland. The combination of data centers, called Data Center Park Helsinki, enjoys the Nordic country's cool climate and low electricity prices. Most importantly, the data center park has a favorable location between east and west of the Eurasian continent.

"Finland has a much cooler climate than Germany, making our new data centers there easier to cool; this combined with Finland's much lower electricity prices, allow us at Hetzner Online to pass the savings onto you, our customer," the Germany-based webhosting and data center company underlines in a news article, published on its website.

The first data center has altogether 1,500 square meters of floor space, creating enough room for roughly 30,000 servers. At the site, additional five data centers are already under construction.

"From a data center perspective, the location in Finland is optimal not only due to the cool climate but also because of fast connections," says Daniel Biller Hetzner Online's Development Manager. "The submarine data cable between Finland and Germany enables fast and safe data transmission; it is the shortest and fastest route between the data centers in Central and Northern Europe. For us, this opens an opportunity to reach new customers also in Eastern Europe and Asia."

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Image: Hetzner