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News 11.06.2018

Telia's world-class data center opens in Helsinki

Telia has opened a 24 MW carrier neutral data center in Helsinki to serve both Finnish and international companies. Located in a high-tech industrial area of the Pitäjämäki district in northern Helsinki, the facility is the most energy efficient, secure and sustainable multitenant data center in Finland as well as the largest open data center in the Nordic countries, according to Telia.

"The design of this data center began from a clean sheet of paper so we have been able to apply the latest technologies and security solutions. The result is a world-class facility that provides Telia an excellent base for creating new services and solutions," says Eero Lindqvist, Senior Offering Manager, Telia.

New record for heat recovery and recycling

Environmental considerations have played a big role in the design of the data center which is powered by renewable and carbon-neutral electricity. Its highly efficient heat recovery system recycles waste heat from the servers, producing 200,000 MWh per year, which is enough heat 20,000 homes.

"This is a unique data center globally in terms of the amount of heat recovered and recycled. One of the reasons for locating the data center in this metropolitan area is to make full use of the local district heating networks. We can see that environmental sustainability is an increasingly important factor as data center customers look for responsible suppliers and partners that have similar values," Lindqvist explains.

Platform for future growth

According to Telia, the Helsinki Data Center forms a platform for the services enabled by the fourth industrial revolution, such as robotics, IoT and 5G, where secure data storage, refining and transfer require new solutions. The facility has space for 5,000 racks and up to 200,000 servers.

"The world is becoming more and more digitalized and data-driven so there is no end in sight to the growth of data. Data traffic volumes are multiplying rapidly which is why we built the facility on this scale," says Lindqvist

Finland offers an excellent location

Telia is expected to announce the new data center's first international customers this summer. Finland offers an attractive package for data center operations, according to Lindqvist.

"From a global perspective this is a stable region where the local society, infrastructure and expertise are very conducive. We have global network connectivity, data center cooling costs are low thanks to the climate, energy is freely available, and the price of electricity is low compared to Central Europe."

In opening the new data center, Telia has anticipated the continued growth of the Asian economies and the increasing interest of Asian companies to enter the European market.

"Many Asian companies see Finland and the Nordic countries as a convenient base for approaching the European markets, so we are ready to support them from the early stage onwards," says Lindqvist.

"Finland has numerous data center sites available. We are ready to provide further information and guidance to companies that are considering to expand their business to Finland," says Alpo Akujärvi, Head of Industry, Data centers, Business Finland's Invest in Finland unit.

Finnish data center opportunities are presented on the map below, which is also found on our data center website.

View the video on Telia's Helsinki Data Center.

Further information:

Alpo Akujärvi
Head of Industry, Data Centers
Investi in Finland
alpo.akujarvi (at)
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Image: Telia