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News 13.08.2019

Go circular at Envitech – Forssa’s unique industrial ecosystem

Distinguished by its long industrial tradition, the town of Forssa in southern Finland is strategically equidistant from the three major cities of Helsinki, Turku and Tampere. Today Forssa and its thriving Envitech area attract interest as a living example of a dynamic and successful circular economy model that is ecologically sustainable, low carbon and energy efficient.

Metal, plastic, soil, glass, paper, bio-waste, electronic waste and other materials are collected, processed and refined at Envitech. The end products from the Envitech ecosystem include biogas, minerals and insulation materials in addition to several recyclable raw materials.

The unique circular economy ecosystem is open to new innovative actors, including international companies and investors.

“Envitech offers well-functioning infrastructure and synergies with the companies already operating in the area. The area is well suited for businesses that require a lot of space for their operations, good and secure access to energy and electricity, and the possibility for regional, resource smart energy production,” says Timo Kärkkäinen, Business Developer at Forssan Yrityskehitys Oy.

Learn more about Envitech at FRUSH

Envitech’s industrial actors and business opportunities be explored at FRUSH, the circular economy growth and start-up event held in Forssa on 18-19 September 2019. The Envitech Network part of the FRUSH program includes presentations by companies operating at Envitech as well as a one-hour bus tour demonstrating the range of activities in the area.

“The circular economy is being implemented on a unique industrial scale in the Envitech area, and the best way to grasp this is by visiting the location,” Kärkkäinen explains.

Organised for the third time, FRUSH brings together circular economy companies and operating models from around Finland, providing an excellent opportunity to network, find funding and investment opportunities, and to learn about the latest trends in circular economy directly from the experts. The event includes presentations, workshops and pitching sessions, and attracts growth-seeking companies, startups, investors, municipalities, research institutes and students from the field.

Read more about FRUSH on the event website

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