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News 18.04.2019

H&M Group among major investors in Finland’s pioneering Infinited Fiber Company

Finnish startup Infinited Fiber Company has raised EUR 3.7 million from investors as it plans to expand the annual production capacity of its pilot plant from 50 to 500 tons in order to meet growing market demand. The investors include global fashion retailer H&M Group, leading energy company Fortum, and Finnish investment company Virala Oy.

Infinited Fiber’s innovative fiber regeneration technology makes it possible to turn cotton-rich textiles, recycled paper, cardboard and agricultural waste like straw into fiber that can be used repeatedly without compromising on quality and comfort, according to the company’s CEO Petri Alava.“We have proven that for example in denim applications, the commercial quality requirements can be reached with our Infinited Fiber. The global denim industry is pushing us to bring our solutions to the market,” says Alava in a statement.

Revolutionising the textile value chain

Originally developed by VTT Technical Research Institute of Finland, the technology process behind Infinited Fiber has three main phases: fiber separation, turning material into liquid, and turning liquid into fiber. The resulting regenerated fiber has a natural soft look and feel like cotton, high colour uptake, excellent moisture absorption qualities, and natural antibacterial properties.

Infinited Fiber requires considerably less water than environmentally unsustainable cotton production. The high-quality cellulose fiber is set to make a major impact across the entire textile value chain. Infinited Fiber Company licences its technology for global fiber producers in the textile and non-woven industries.

“Our reborn Infinited Fiber is reusable forever, carbon neutral and applicable like natural cotton without any microplastics harming the environment,” Alava explains.

Towards a circular fashion industry

Infinited Fiber’s innovation aligns perfectly with the H&M group’s sustainability goals. “Infinited Fiber has proven significant potential to accelerate the journey from a linear to a circular fashion industry. We look forward to being part of developing and scaling this technology in the coming years,” says Erik Karlsson, Investment Manager for Sustainable Fashion at H&M Group’s investment arm CO:LAB, in a statement.

Infinited Fiber Company is one of the many inspiring examples of the innovative bio-product technology being developed in Finland, according to Jari Tielinen, Head of Bio & Circular, Invest in Finland. “It strengthens Finland’s bio- and circular economy ecosystem and once again highlights our unique development and production environment for more sustainable, high value-added bio-mass based technologies and products,” he says.

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