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News 07.08.2020

Japanese sheet metal fabrication machine manufacturer AMADA plans to expand production after acquiring Finnish company LKI Käldman

In January 2020, Finnish sheet metal handling automation manufacturer LKI Käldman Ltd. was fully acquired by AMADA HOLDINGS Co., one of the world’s leading metalworking machine manufacturers. The companies’ cooperation stretches back to the 1990s, and AMADA became a shareholder in LKI Käldman already in 2009.

Renamed AMADA Automation Europe Ltd., the Finnish company is now AMADA´s largest manufacturing unit for automation solutions in Europe. AMADA plans to double its production capacity in Finland when the COVID crisis is over, according to Hitoshi Takamura, General Manager, Global Strategic Production Planning Dept., Production Reformation Promotion Div., AMADA CO., LTD. & Vice Managing Director of AMADA Automation Europe Ltd.

AMADA’s investment will create new jobs, support subcontractors and the local economy as well as boosting the growth of the whole industry ecosystem. The Finnish operation currently employs 170 people in Pedersöre on the western coast of Finland and in Lappeenranta, south-eastern Finland.

Finnish expertise strengthens AMADA’s market position

Founded in 1946, AMADA comprises of about 100 companies and 10,000 employees. The investment in Finland further strengthens the company’s market position in Europe and globally.

“This takeover will enable AMADA not only to cope with the emerging demand for the combination of fiber laser cutting machines and automation equipment but also to answer to the automation needs of European customers,” Takamura explains.

Greg Seymour, Managing Director of AMADA Automation Europe Ltd., believes that AMADA’s investment will have many long-term benefits.

“This creates exciting opportunities not only for our employees and the company but for the entire region. We are proud that AMADA has chosen to concentrate their European manufacture of automation systems with us and see this as clear recognition of many years hard work,” says Seymour in a statement.

Expert support from Business Finland

Business Finland’s Tokyo office and Helsinki HQ teamed up to advise AMADA during the acquisition, speeding up the process with support on practical issues such as zoning regulations and tax matters.

“AMADA’s presence increases the recognition of Finland as a smart manufacturing environment for the European market and supports the growth of the industry ecosystem. I believe AMADA will achieve sustainable growth by engaging with the Finnish ecosystem,” says Eiji Atsumi, Senior Advisor at Business Finland´s Invest in Finland unit in Tokyo.

Invest in Finland’s Senior Advisor Helvi Väisänen welcomes other international companies to explore investment opportunities in Finland

“We are pleased to have assisted in the acquisition process and will provide our continued support for AMADA. This is a great example of a win-win case for the companies that also ensures the growth of expertise and employment in the supply chain in Finland,” says Väisänen.

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