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News 14.04.2022

Marubeni and Nordic Mobile Trust announce strategic partnership for expansion

The partnership will help the companies to further contribute to the development of the circular economy together.

Marubeni Corporation, one of Japan’s largest trading companies has announced a capital investment and strategic partnership with the Finnish startup company Nordic Mobile Trust (NMT) to help and further develop a mobile device trading platform, that allows consumers to buy and sell used smartphones.

The market of used smartphones is expanding rapidly due to the growing interest in the circular economy. The worldwide shipment of used smartphone is expected to increase from approximately 220 million units in 2020 to approximately 350 million units in 2024. In addition, reusing used smartphones leads to the reduction of production of new devices which reduces further greenhouse gases.

The trading platform is globally scalable and the team is looking to take the platform worldwide.'s mission is to disrupt the trade-in market by providing a platform that enables an easy, eco-friendly, and sustainable way for consumers and companies to sell and buy used mobile devices through AI-based market value calculation and automatic device recognition.

By investing to NMT, Marubeni intends to develop the C2C market for used smartphones, both in and outside of Japan. And through the partnership with Marubeni, NMT will have the necessary support in becoming a global leading mobile device marketplace. The partnership also helps the companies to contribute together to the development of the circular economy. "Circular economy solutions are needed to safeguard biodiversity and to solve the climate crisis", says Jyri Roselius, CEO & Co-Founder of Nordic Mobile Trust.

Business Finland granted an R&D loan for NMT in June of 2021. "This early-stage loan was crucial for our company and enabled us to get the software to the level that we were able to start the conversation with Marubeni Corporation", Roselius continues.

An early-stage loan from Business Finland was crucial for NMT – enabling them to get the software to the next level.

"Marubeni is delighted to announce the investment into Nordic Mobile Trust Ltd. (NMT). With NMT's members, technology and know-how, Marubeni is planning to expand its ICT business in the C2C market through NMT's sustainable and eco-friendly platform. Marubeni aims to contribute to the development of the circular economy through this investment", says Masamichi Morita, General Manager, ICT Business Dept. II, Marubeni Corporation.

"This is our great honor and pleasure to partner with Nordic Mobile Trust Ltd. and we greatly appreciate the collaboration with Business Finland. This is our very first investment since the re-establishment of our Helsinki Office in April 2020. With this investment we are happy to contribute to the development of circular economy together with our strong business partners", says Takao Fukuoka, General Manager, Helsinki Office & Tallinn Office, Marubeni Corporation, responsible for Nordics and Baltics.

With NMT's members, technology and know-how, Marubeni is planning to expand its ICT business and to contribute to the development of sustainability.

Business Finland is strongly involved in financing Finnish startups that are seeking international growth. "NMT Ltd. has been able to develop and commercialize their concept with the help of Business Finland funding exceptionally fast, and convince a major international partner, Marubeni Corporation. NMT is an insightful example of scaling in the circular economy for consumers. As part of Business Finland, Invest in Finland has been pleased to provide Marubeni with advisory services in the process", says Helvi Väisänen, Senior Advisor at Invest in Finland.

For more information:

Helvi Väisänen
Senior Advisor, Invest in Finland
+358 40 343 3295
helvi.vaisanen (at)

Jyri Roselius
CEO & Co-Founder, Nordic Mobile Trust Ltd.
+358 40 530 2601
jyri.roselius (at)

Nordic Mobile Trust Ltd. (NMT) is a privately owned Finnish company that is developing a unique C2C market platform and unique universal pricing engine for trusted mobile device sales. Nordic Mobile Trust is building a better future for second hand mobile devices.

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Business Finland is the Finnish government organization for innovation funding and trade, travel and investment promotion. Business Finland's over 700 experts work in over 40 offices globally and in 16 regional offices around Finland. Business Finland is part of the Team Finland network.