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News 12.03.2020

All eyes on cybersecurity during Northern Europe’s most significant event in the field

Tom Van de Wiele from F-Secure at Cyber Security Nordic 2019. (photo: Messukeskus media bank)

The issues of digital trust and cybersecurity belong to the most current topics of today and Finland as a safe, secure, non-aligned and transparent society is ideally placed to drive this discussion. In October, international industry media were invited to Helsinki as the most burning issues in the field where brought center stage during the Cyber Security Nordic 2019 event.

The digital trust industry is cross-cutting by nature, and the development of digital infrastructure links closely to all business areas dealing with future scenarios evaluating both possible threats and opportunities. The estimated size of the cybersecurity market is 210 billion euros by 2025, but the indirect effects of digitalizing infrastructure for the global economy are much larger.

Finland has a strong base for building digital trust on many levels in society. We continue to be one of the cybersecurity leaders in the world, with nearly 100 companies operating in the sector. Whether global player or determined startups, these companies cover the entire cybersecurity ecosystem, from virus prevention and identity management to vulnerability analyses and compliance testing.

Finnfacts/Business Finland and Messukeskus Helsinki, Expo and Convention Centre in co-operation with F-Secure invited fourteen journalists from Europe and Asia to take part of the issues raised at Cyber Security Nordic 2019, check out the Drone Congress by Cyberwatch Finland and meet some of the Finnish actors within our pioneering digital society of trust.

Cyber Security Nordic is Northern Europe's most significant event of cybersecurity solutions attracting top executives, leading decision-makers and government officials to Helsinki. The conference presented inspiring keynotes and panels by international and Finnish experts alike, discussing the problem solving strategies and solutions for cyber security professionals under the themes of Politics of Cyber, Economy of Cyber, Reality of Cyber and Future of Cyber.

Here's what the media picked out from the conference and top speakers during the media tour:


SC Magazine: "Cyber Security Nordic: Have data? Use it, delete it"

SC Magazine: 'Demand for data will make total connectivity inevitable'

SC Magazine: “Cyber Security Nordic: Trickle-down effect of cyber-warfare prolongs firefighting

SC Magazine: “Lack of formal education causes talent shortage in cyber-security

Verdict: “5G the biggest future cybersecurity threat, warns Trend Micro researcher

Verdict: “Mikko Hyppönen: Smart devices are "IT asbestos"

Verdict: “Tom Van de Wiele Q&A: Reflections of a red teamer


Techworld: “Bli paranoid, åk till en it-säkerhetskonferens

Techworld: ”Vad är it-säkerhet – att köpa en produkt eller att se över processerna?

Techworld: “Mikko Hyppönen: Smarta saker är det nya digitala asbest


Der Standard: “Sicherheitsforscher warnen vor Risiken im "Internet der Dinge"

Futurezone: "Computer sind nun einmal unsicher"

Futurezone:“Tom wird von Firmen bezahlt, um bei ihnen einzubrechen”

Futurezone: ”Wie das Internet der dummen Dinge unsere Sicherheit gefährdet”

Futurezone: "Crash von gehacktem Auto und Absturz von Excel haben dieselbe Ursache"

Futurezone: “Wenn Putin abdankt, gehen russische Hacker auf die Oligarchen los”

Futurezone: "Wir werden für Sicherheit im Internet bezahlen" – Interview with Mikko Hyppönen” (Print article)

Germany “Risiken im Cyberspace: Wenn das Aquarium das Casino hackt” “"Internet der Dinge": Sicherheitsforscher warnen vor Risiken”

Saarbücker Zeitung: “Wenn das Aquarium das Casino hackt” 

Mitteldeutsche Zeitung: “Risiken im Cyberspace: Wenn das Aquarium das Casino hackt”

Weltfäliche Nachrichten: “Risiken im Cyberspace: Wenn das Aquarium das Casino hackt” ”Sicherheitsforscher warnen - Risiken im "Internet der Dinge"”


Cyberun: Darknet coverage (Print article)

US/India (Global audience)

Ciso Mag: “Interview of Samu Konttinen, President and CEO of F-Secure Corporation” (Print article)

Ciso Mag: “Interview of RIK FERGUSON Vice President (Security Research), Trend Micro” (Print article)

Ciso Mag: “Women should be actively safeguarding healthcare systems

Ciso Mag: “Everyone4cyber: The Key Takeaway from Cyber Security Nordic 2019


MyNaviNews: “BtoBビジネスに注力するエフセキュア - コンティネンCEOが解説"

MyNaviNews: ”「AI使う攻撃者はいない」-エフセキュアのミッコ・ヒッポネン氏”

MyNaviNews: “「AI使う攻撃者はいない」-エフセキュアのミッコ・ヒッポネン氏

ITMedia: ” まるで核兵器が犯罪者の手に渡るような状態がサイバー空間で起きている――脅威の変化を踏まえ「検知、対応」へのマインドシフトを

ITMedia: ” レッドチーム演習から見えてきた、セキュリティ対策「3つの間違い」

ITMedia: ”ドローンのハッキングに注意 傍受、乗っ取りも 専門家が指摘する手口"

ITMedia: “ドローンのハッキングに注意 傍受、乗っ取りも 専門家が指摘する手口" “リサーチャーやアナリスト集団を率いる同ユニットのVP、ベジェラスコ氏に聞く最新調査を製品強化につなげるエフセキュア“戦術防衛ユニット

CodeZine: “今、開発者に必要なセキュリティのマインドセットとは?――攻撃が高度化するサイバーセキュリティの現況

CodeZine: “今、開発者に必要なセキュリティのマインドセットとは?――攻撃が高度化するサイバーセキュリティの現況

CodeZine: "ホワイトハッカーの存在意義と、開発者が考えるべきセキュリティのこれから―  侵入テストのプロ集団による「レッドチーム演習」のけん引者に聞く"


Digital News Asia: “Cyber-security needs a new paradigm: Expert

Digital News Asia: “Better drone security needed in industry, urges researcher

Digital News Asia: “Cyber-security breaches are inevitable, says F-Secure

South Africa

JT Communication Solutions: “Even in infancy, #Women4Cyber is strongly asserting its leadership and making waves”