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News 13.03.2020

Circular economy solutions from Finland interest Southeast Asia

Journalists were interested in the garbage collection system in Finnish households.

Finland is a frontrunner in the field of circular economy in many ways. It was the first country in the world to release a national circular economy road map, and the first World Circular Economy Forum (WCEF) was held in Helsinki in 2017. Many world-class Finnish enterprises and emerging start-ups have been adopting circular economy approaches in the business development to achieve a more sustainable future.

In June 2019, eight journalists from Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam were invited to Finland by Finnfacts/Business Finland and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the theme: Circular economy– Finland’s solutions for a sustainable society. During the media tour journalists got to join the WCEF conference, interview experts, and visit companies that offer innovative sustainable solutions.  

Journalists have shown strong interests in subjects such as how to replace plastics and cottons with new innovative materials, and how Finland has managed to build a healthy ecosystem that encouraged close cooperation between the public and the private sectors. Some daily practices that are taken for granted in Finland, could be very interesting for international journalists. One example being the waste recycling system in every residential building. 

The result of this media tour included 15 articles. The circular economy framework and solutions from governmental organisations, cities, and companies were presentedJournalists also sought good models from Finland as references to their home countries. One journalist presented solutionto combat food waste both from Finland and her home country in the article 

Below are what journalists taking with them from the media tour in Finland 



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Vietnam Investment Reviews: WCEF 2019 Seeking Solution For Sustainable Development (in print, 2019.6.) 

Vietnam Investment Reviews: Setting course for a circular economy (in print, 2019.6) 

Vietnam Investment Reviews: Raising plastic waste practice (in print, 2019.6) 



Finland is advanced in quality education 

Circular economy is the modern way to fight against wastes. 




Harbour Times: Circular Economy Part I: Planning ahead (2019.6.16) 

FeatureReinventing libraries (in print, 2019.10.) 

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