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News 09.03.2020

Finnish winter sports competence hit the headlines in China

Chinese journalists enjoyed cross-country training at a ski tunnel in Vuokatti.

China is developing its Winter Sports Culture as Beijing and Zhangjiakou are preparing for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games. The long-term objective is also to encourage winter sports culture in people’s daily life beyond the Olympics. As Finland is an equal Nordic welfare state where everyone has easy access to winter sports, the China Finland Year of Winter Sports was launched in January 2019 in Beijing.

In March 2019 six journalists from Beijing were invited to Finland by Finnfacts/Business Finland and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the theme: Winter starts from Finland. During the week journalists got to experience Finnish winter sports culture by trying both cross-country and downhill skiing training, as well as seeing how winter sports trainings were implemented for Chinese athletes in Vuokatti Olympic Training Centre, Finland.  

The aim of this tour was to showcase winter sports competences from Finland, including couching methods based on scientific researchesand multifunctional facilities that enable year-around training etc. Innovative sportswear and equipment companies, both established ones and start-ups, all got opportunities to present their products to journalists.  

Another goal of the tour was to show how winter sports could be part of people’s daily life. Journalists got to visit an ice-skating club for adults and were impressed by an elderly lady who danced on the ice and continued learning new skills in her 70s. Seeing the forests ski tracks and downhills ski centres are widely available for people in all ages, and the rink tickets of ski centres are also at an affordable price rangemany Chinese journalists commented that Finland is really a winter sports model country. 

After the tour the winter sports competence from Finland started to hit the headlines in many well-known media in China, including Tencent SportsSohu Sports, China Sports News, etc. Altogether there have been 56 publications on many Chinese media channels.   

Here is what the journalists took with them from the topics presented during their stay in Finland: 


Tencent Sports: 中国男冰成功保组瞄准北京冬奥 中芬合作期待开花结果                          

Sports Money: 走进人口3000的芬兰冰雪小镇沃卡蒂,如何全季运营并为中国培养冬奥冠军 

The same article was published in many media channels:

The same article was published in many media channels:

Sports Money 官网    









Sports Money: 将桑拿房搬进冰球馆,蹭贾斯汀比伯流量量,芬兰冰球队小丑这样爆红  

The same article was published in many media channels:



The same article was published in many media channels: