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News 03.03.2020

International media reports from Helsinki Chemicals Forum

Helsinki Chemicals Forum 2019 (23-24 May)

The annually held Helsinki Chemicals Forum attracted once again a big group of industry media from around the world reporting on a variety of chemicals safety, management and plastics pollution topics.

Helsinki Chemicals Forum (HCF) is the leading conference and networking event for chemicals safety professionals organized yearly in Helsinki. Finnfacts/Business Finland and Messukeskus Helsinki, Expo and Convention Centre invited a group of international journalists from Europe, Asia, North America and South America to the event – with great results.

"It was a very interesting conference and I was very glad to be able to attend!"

"Thank you so much for guiding us through a wonderful trip to Helsinki. I really enjoyed the conference, the events and the delicious food. Your hospitality was perfect".

HCF is an independent forum engaging international authorities, industry leaders, NGOs, academics, the media and other interested parties in an open dialogue on key issues of global relevance regarding chemicals management and the control of chemicals safety. The two-day event is built around high-profile panels and keynote presentations as well as related debates.

In 2019, the Helsinki Chemicals Forum conference covered five themes: risk management options of chemicals of concern, the grouping of chemical substances, measuring the performance of different chemical management systems, plastics and circularity and the quality of and access to data on chemicals.

During the week, the media tour journalists visited both the HCF conference and the ECHA stakeholder days – this is what they picked out.


Chemical Watch: "Helsinki Chemicals Forum 2019 Report"

ICIS: “Virgin fibre costs should reflect environmental impact – textile producer” (online article requires log in)

ICIS: “Global framework needed on ocean waste – Norway ministry advisor” (online article requires log in)

ICIS: “EU's ECHA microplastics ban proposals move forward, final opinion in early 2020” (online article requires log in)

ICIS: “Reach system redefines value of chems data – Dow toxicologist” (online article requires log in)

ICIS: “EU chems data still lacking on environmental impacts – DG Environment” (online article requires log in)

ICIS: “Linear economic model no longer viable - European Commission DG” (online article requires log in)

ICIS: “Reach authorisation process not working as intended – NGO” (online article requires log in)

ICIS: “Unexpected levels of Reach dossier non-compliance prompts refocus for ECHA” (online article requires log in)

ICIS: “Downstream demand for Reach safety info limited, supply chain communication patchy – ECHA” (online article requires log in)

ICIS: “European Commission appeals EU court verdict overturning Reach chem authorization” (online article requires log in)

ICIS: “ECHA prepares to intensify Reach compliance check regime” (online article requires log in)

Chemistry & Industry (C&I): “Managing Risk” (Print article)


Chemistry Views: “Identifying the Best Options for Chemicals Regulations

Chemistry Views: “If You Pollute, You Have to Pay

Chemistry Views: “Research and Art Benefit from Each Other

Chemistry Views: “Improvement of REACH Registration Dossiers

Chemistry Views: “Asian Helsinki Chemicals Forum & 4th Summit Meeting on Chemical Regulations in Asia Pacific

Chemistry Views: “12th Helsinki Chemicals Forum

Nachrichten aus der Chemie: “Vier Sorgen mehr” (Print article)

Nachrichten aus der Chemie: “Notizen aus der Wirtschaft” (Print article)


Chemical Journal: “вопросов мировой химической безопасности” (Print article)

Chemical Journal: “Helsinki Chemicals Forum took place in the capital of Finland

Chemical Journal: “В столице Финляндии состоялся Хельсинкский химический форум

Chemical Journal: “Asian Helsinki Chemicals Forum will take place 24-25 oct 2019


Chemical Weekly: “We expect to be asked to take up more pieces of chemicals legislation as policymakers realise the advantages of synergies and consistency” (Print article)

Chemical Weekly: “ECHA looks to finetune regulatory strategy to tackle chemicals of high concern and non-compliance of REACH dossiers” (Print article)

Chemical Weekly: “Circular economy presents huge opportunities for the chemicals industry” (Print article)


China Chemical News: “HCF报道:欧洲这样提高化学品风险管控效率


Chemical Matters: “Helsinki Chemicals Forum Announces Themes for 2019

Chemical Matters: “ECHA conference brings together 250 stakeholders

Chemical Matters: “Partnership seeks leaner solutions for fuels and chemicals

Chemical Matters: “Chemicals in the European Union, beyond 2020

Chemical Matters: “Plastics and the circular economy


Química e Derivados magazine: ”Brasil Precisa Pagar Para Usar Banco Dados Do Reach