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News 17.03.2020

International media reports from Slush

Journalists got to learn about Finnish material innovation before the Slush Start-up Conference.

Slush has grown from a 300 person’s meetup to a full-blown startup festival and a movement that is now going global. Every year Slush also attracted some hundreds of journalists visiting Helsinki.

Every year long before Slush is around the corner, we get requests from international journalists to ask the possibilities of visiting Slush. The Slush media tour has been arranged for many years.  

This year we invited 10 journalists from different countries to join Slush, including Korea, Japan, China, US, France, Germany, and Switzerland. We kicked off the media tour with a deep dive into the root of Finnish innovationcombining natural resources and technology to develop innovative solutions for a sustainable future.  

During the media tour, journalists got to see how technological research has enabled innovations, and how start-ups have benefited from the unique ecosystem to thrive internationally. The program also provided journalists opportunities to meet the most interesting start-ups as well as seeing how different industries have transformed themselves with material or packaging innovations that contribute to a more sustainable daily life. 

During Slush Start-up Conference all the journalists got to arrange schedules and interviews according to their own interests. Until now there have been 36 articles and radio broadcastings published from this media tour, or from journalists’ own interviews during Slush. Below are what journalists took away with them: 



JoongAng Media Group노키아 몰락 후 앵그리버드…스타트업 새 신화 넘치는 열정  

(After the fall of Nokia, Angry Birds… Startup New Mythical Passion)

JoongAng Media Group노키아 몰락 후 앵그리버드스타트업 새 신화 넘치는 열정

(After the fall of Nokia, Angry Birds… Startup New Mythical Passion) 

Money Today노키아의 나라에서 스타트업 요람으로…연 4000개사 탄생 

(Finnish startup report1: From Nokia's country to startup cradle... 4000 companies are born per year)

Money Today: 스타트업에 꽂힌 핀란드 청년들…"인재가 혁신의 열쇠" 

(Finnish startup report 2: Finnish youth in startups... "talent is the key to innovation")

Money Today혁신 위해 삼성도 5년째 찾는다는 그곳은 어디? 

(Finnish startup report 3: Where is Samsung looking for innovation for the next 5 years?)

Money Today: [현장톡톡] "스타트업이 미래를 바꾼다글로벌 스타트업 축제 ComeUp 2019 

(Onsite talk: startup change the future.. Global Startup Festival ComeUp19)

Chosun Daily폐나무가 쇼핑백으로‐ 핀란드친환경 스타트업 천국 (in print) 

(Trees wastes as shopping bags-Finland, an eco-friendly startup paradise) 



Le Figaro: Nokia, père spirituel des start-up en Finlande (in print) 



The little wooden chips from Finland changed the history of bathing room materials 

Making food from the air: Solar Foods changes the food production history 


Neue Zürcher Zeitung: Eine «Spielzeug-Kapsel» will die Strassen Finnlands erobern (pdf) 

Neue Zürcher Zeitung: Das finnische Bildungssystem – ein Wunder? (pdf) 







Global Watch: Finland, MaaS realization of free (unrestricted) transportation (in print)