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News 12.03.2020

Finland being the model country for Korea in elderly healthcare and genetic research

Korean journalists during the media tour.

As in Finland, Korea has been facing challenges of an aging population. One way to tackle the challenges is to improve elderly healthcare efficiency and to promote preventive healthcare and researches.

In April 2019, five journalists from South Korea were invited to Finland by Finnfacts/Business Finland and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the theme: Finland – one of the world’s most effective health care systems and strongest health technology economies.

During the one week media tour program journalists got to learn more about Finnish health sector ecosystem, visit the Helsinki biobank as well as companies that provide innovative solutions, be it digital solutions for home and healthcare system, pharmacy automation, med-tech such as nanonisation of drug particles, or genetic testing and researches.

One competitive advantage of the Finnish healthcare system is the long tradition of national registries. Over 98 percent of Finnish patient records are in electronic format, which also provides a solid ground for Finnish companies to develop cutting-edge solutions for data analysis. Korean journalists were very surprised about how Finnish public sectors and government have worked so closely together with private companies, and the strong trust culture in the Finnish society that have made the unique FinnGen genetic research project possible.

Finland ranks among the three strongest health technology economies in the world, while digital health is its largest high-tech export. Korean journalists were particularly interested in technologies that enable remote healthcare for elderly, as the City of Helsinki has also been served as an excellent example of saving 9 million euros last year by using digital technologies in remote healthcare, at the meantime offering better services for elderly.

Companies founded by ex-Nokia employees also drew journalists’ attention. They were interested in how the technical and programming know-how have been used to develop new innovative solutions for health-tech sectors.

After the media tour, journalists published 11 articles comparing how Finland and Korea addressing the similar challenges in elderly healthcare and pointing out some cultural and legislative difference between two countries. In many articles Finland were mentioned as a model country for Korea with headlines or contents such as “Finland is on the way to become bio superpower”, “Hightech healthcare, the ‘Big Bang’ in Finland. With 5 million population there are 500 health-tech companies here.” “Health tech is a rising field in Finland that might be the next Nokia.”

Have a look below on what journalists have picked up from the media visit in Finland:


Money Today: 핀란드 국민 10% 유전체지도…바이오 강대국 예약 (2019.5.1.)

10% of Finnish people on the big genome map… Finland is on the way to become a big Bio Powers 

Money Today: 판 깔아주는 병원·지자체, 춤추는 핀란드 기업들 (2019.5.1.)

Renewed hospitals, municipalities, Finnish companies dancing from joy. 

Money Today: [핀란드 헬스케어 리포트]③고령화에서 출발한 헬스케어 개혁…반면교사 삼아야 (2019.5.1.)

From the outdated older brother in the society to the innovation icon

Joongang Economist: 유전자 봉인 푼 인구 500만 핀란드, 헬스기업 500개 ‘빅뱅’ (2019.5.4.)

Health tech -yritysten ”big bang” Suomessa, pieni viiden miljoonan geeneiltään homogeeninen väestö, mutta 500 health tech -yritystä

Joongang Economist:  수집된 유전자 정보로 수십 가지 질병 개인별 맞춤 치료 연구 (2019.5.4.)
Personalized treatment for dozens of diseases are researched with collected genetic information

NEWSIS: '헬스케어 혁신' 업은 핀란드 스타트업...의학계 손잡고 훨훨 난다 (2019.5.6.)
Healthcare innovation' business is equal to Finnish startups... cooperation with healthcare field has been crucial key to big success.

NEWSIS: '고령화 급행열차' 탄 핀란드...영상 통한 '원격 진료'가 뜬다 (2019.5.5.)

Finland on the 'Aging Express Train' ... 'Remote Treatment' through Video becomes prevalent

NEWSIS: 生부터 死까지 의료 데이터 보관하는 핀란드...선제적 예방으로 국민 건강 책임진다 (2019.5.4.)

Finland keeps medical data from cradle to grave ... taking responsibility for national health by preventive healthcare. 

Maeil Kyeongjae: 의료정보 규제 푼 핀란드…글로벌 헬스케어 투자 몰려 (2019.5.1.)

Finnish has loosened the regulation concerning the use of personal health information … global investment to the health sector in Finland has been growing.

EDAILY: 고령화 맞서 헬스케어 키운 핀란드…"국민신뢰 얻어 의료정보 규제 풀어라" (2019.5.2.)

Finland develops healthcare system against aging… "We have got the trust from Finnish people and managed to solve the obstacles from regulation concerning medical information"

Hankyung: 기업에 국민 유전정보 DB 개방…핀란드, 헬스케어 수출 22.2억유로 (2019.5.2.)

Opening the national genetic information DB to companies ... Finland exports healthcare to 22.2 billion euros.