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News 02.03.2020

Waste management the burning topic for journalists from Russian-speaking countries

Visit to VTT BIORUUKKI pilot centre, which is an innovation and demonstration platform for bio- and circular economy businesses.

Due to population growth, urbanization and the rising middle class, the world will need 45% more energy, 50% more food and 30% more water by 2030. The only long-term solution is the sustainable use of natural resources and developing a circular economy. One way of doing this is recycling and making new value of waste.

In March 2019 eleven journalists mainly from Russia but also from Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan were invited to Finland by Finnfacts/Business Finland and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the topic of circular economy, energy and waste to value. During the week especially proper waste management raised discussions in the group.

The aim of the tour was to answer to the needs for a change to sustainable uses of resources through circular economy. The program displayed different perspectives and solutions of circular economy presented by Finnish actors and companies. At the centre stage of the program was sustainable and innovative waste management and giving new values to waste.

As a frontrunner in the field of circular economy, Finland was the first country in the world to release a national circular economy road map, outlining the way to sustainable well-being and a successful carbon-neutral future.

A large number of Finnish enterprises has adopted circular economy approaches in their business understanding that saving the world can actually be high-value business. Finland constantly innovates new ways of saving natural resources and excels in solutions such as sustainable energy, recycling, value to waste and coming up with new biomaterials.

Here is what the journalists took with them from the topics raised during their stay in Finland:


Tayga 5.3.2019: "Финляндия готова помочь России с мусорной реформой. Нужен пилотный регион" (Finland ready to help Russia with waste reform. A pilot region needed.)

Recycle Mag 14.3.2019: “Как устроены раздельный сбор и переработка мусора в Финляндии” (How waste sorting and processing in organized in Finland)

Echo 6.3.2019: “Финляндия готова помочь России с мусорной реформой” (Finland ready to help Russia with waste reform)

Metkere 5.3.2019: “Финляндия готова помочь России с мусорной реформой” (Finland ready to help Russia with waste reform)

Novaya Gazeta 21.4.2019: "Жизнь без свалок” (Life without landfills)

Stolitsa na Onego 11.3.2019: “Экономика нового мышления” (Economics of new mindset)

Murmanskij Vestnik 12.4.2019: “Где конец, там и начало: Как мусор в Финляндии становится сырьем” (If there is an end, there is a beginning: How does waste become raw material)

Murmanskij Vestnik 16.4.2019: “Где конец, там и начало” (If there is an end, there is a beginning)

TV-21, 25.3.2019: “Бизнес на мусоре. Циркулярная экономика по-фински” (Business out of waste. Circular economy in the Finnnish way)

TV-21, 26.3.2019: “Могут ли опасные отходы превратиться в безопасные? Финские эксперименты” (Can hazardous waste become non-hazardous? Finnish experience)

TV-21, 28.3.2019: “Метро для мусора. Финские и российские технологии для повседневной жизни” (Metro for waste. Finnish and Russian technologies for daily life)

TV-21, 29.3.2019: “Солнце, воздух или вода? Перспективные источники электроэнергии” (Sun, air or water? Possible sources for electric energy)

Ukraine, 19.4.2019: “Все сразу. В Финляндии разработали новый метод очистки воды от тяжелых металлов” (All at once. Finland developed a new method to purify water from heavy metals) 


SB.BY, 29.3.2019: “Финны избавляются от свалок и строят на этом новую экономику” (Finns get rid of landfills and build new economics out of it)