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News 02.12.2020

International media interested in Finnish AI technology

Many technical aspects need to be taken care of when organizing virtual events besides the killer content.

Finnfacts / Business Finland organized second virtual international media event on November 24, 2020. The event highlighted groundbreaking innovations that have helped a small country like Finland become one of the global leaders in artificial intelligence. It attracted nearly 30 top media to register with high participation rate.

Journalists, e.g., from Sueddeutsche Zeitung (DE), RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland (DE), Neue Zuercher Zeitung (CH), ActuIA (FR), Les Echos (FR), Computer Weekly (UK), Independent (UK), Forbes Japan (JP), and Caixin (CN) took part in the event.

The overall feedback received from the journalists was 4,7 on a 1-5 scale, where 1=not at all satisfied and 5=very satisfied. While being asked “What was the best experience during the media event and why?” journalists gave following answers:

“Variety and depth of topic.” (Anonymous)
“Interactions, answers to my questions.” (Anonymous)
“Information from Digital Workforce. Quite concrete."(Anonymous)

Journalists were especially satisfied with the communication and information given prior to the event, including an open anonymous feedback: “As always, thanks for all the efforts you put in and for your virtual hospitality.”

First, the 1h 45min event gave a big picture of the Finnish AI technology and intriguing innovation system, which was followed by a showcase of a Finnish education innovation: Elements of AI that has trained more than 1 % of Finnish population on the basics of AI. It also aims at educating 1 % of all European citizens by 2021 with several European launches this fall.

After the introductory part, the event focused especially on AI’s applications in two fields: AI in healthcare and AI powered organization. Aiforia and Cerenion presented their groundbreaking technology in healthcare, whereas Futurice and Digital Workforce introduced their approaches on how to create AI-powered organizations in order to create better profitability. Many of the solutions created by the four Finnish companies also help fight against COVID-19 pandemic.

Like the pilot virtual media event held in September, also the second virtual event was not a PowerPoint-webinar. Instead, it was full of interesting interviews, videos, demos and conversations as well as plenty of time for journalists’ Q&A with other interactive elements, such as polls.

In addition, Five Facts from Finland -videos that show lighter and fun content about Finland and Finnish lifestyle were shown in between different sections.

The virtual event got support from Team Finland with journalist invites, e.g. from several embassies of Finland.

Recording of the Live stream event on AI, November 24th 2020.


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