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Current situation

National lockdown is still in place with a new 4 step road map unveiled by the Prime Minister 22/2. The plan is to end all restrictions by 21 June 2021 following on from the very successful vaccination programme and scientific data. The plan to open up requires four tests on vaccines, infection rates and new coronavirus variants to be met at each stage.

8/3 - All schools reopen - masks worn and regular testing / 2 people from different households are allowed to sit outside together
29/3 - Outdoor gatherings of either six people or two households will be allowed. It is understood this will include gatherings in private gardens. Outdoor sports facilities such as tennis or basketball
12/4 - Shops, hairdressers, beauticians, hospitality and pubs. Self contained holiday cottages and caravans
17/5 - outdoors more social contact as rules lifted, 6 people can meet from 2 households, Indoor hospitality and hotels open. 

Travel until 12 April 21

You must not leave your home unless you have a reasonable excuse. If you need to travel you should stay local – meaning avoiding travelling outside of your village, town or the part of a city where you live – and look to reduce the number of journeys you make overall. The list of reasons you can leave your home and area include, but are not limited to:
• work, where you cannot reasonably work from home
• accessing education and for caring responsibilities
• visiting those in your support bubble – or your childcare bubble for childcare
• visiting hospital, GP and other medical appointments or visits where you have had an accident or are concerned about your health
• buying goods or services that you need, but this should be within your local area wherever possible
• outdoor exercise. This should be done locally wherever possible, but you can travel a short distance within your area to do so if necessary (for example, to access an open space)
• attending the care and exercise of an animal, or veterinary services

Quarantine rules: 

Leisure international travel - illegal in the UK until 12 April at least - A deadline of April 12 will give people time to make their plans for the summer.

You can only travel internationally – or within the UK – where you first have a legally permitted reason to leave home. In addition, you should consider the public health advice in the country you are visiting.

See below:

Finnair are flying daily from UK to Helsinki - programme to come in affect since government announcement
Norwegian are due to fly twice daily from May to Helsinki

Consumer behaviour

Online research and following the UK travel corridors influences UK travellers. Last minute bookings and postponing holidays. As of 23/2 phones are ringing off the hook booking holidays.

Economic situation is not good as many furloughed employees have been made redundant - this is not good for the travel industry and staff looking after marketing and more other roles and responsibilities

• A 12-month business rates holiday for all eligible retail, leisure and hospitality businesses in England
• The Retail, Hospitality and Leisure Grant Fund
• A temporary reduction in the VAT rate from 20% to 5% on most tourism and hospitality-related

Coronavirus and the Latest Indicators for the UK Economy

The results of the latest results of the ONS's ongoing series on the impact of Coronavirus on the UK economy. The key tourism-related findings in this publication is that:

  • 61% of accommodation and food businesses say that profits have decreased while just 7% report that it has increased. This compares with the average of 43% of all businesses recording a decrease and is the highest of any sector surveyed.
  • 34% of accommodation and food businesses say they have less than 3 months reserves, and a further 6% state that they have no reserves at all compared to 24% and 4% for UK businesses as a whole.
  • 25% of accommodation and food businesses are not confident that they will survive the next three months

Future outlook

Sustainable, greener holidays
Nature, beach and forest
Wellness holidays - meditation, yoga, de-stress, mind therapy
Rise of camping and self-catering accommodation / mobile homes / glamping / villas
Family holidays
Multi-centre and multi-country travel - to make up for lost time
Train travel / cycling
Adventure /activities holidays

Key findings from new research

  • Consumers are feeling worried but optimistic about travelling and holidays
  • Travelling by car more, less by buses and planes
  • Stress relief, health and wellbeing are more and more important. Many will travel to reconnect with their passions
  • 2020 holidays will be a way to socialise with family and friends
  • Beach quality and food offer remain top destination choice factors
  • School holidays timing remains crucial
  • People will look to book the holidays and travel almost immediately after the booking is made.
  • Holiday money is already set aside
  • Hygiene level of the venue / hotel will be extremely important
  • 8 in 10 are interested in an option called “coronavirus guarantee”

Research has told us the 20-30 age group will start travelling first due to more immunity and mild symptoms so there is no fear. It is predicted they take low-cost airlines that are starting up. Families and couples under 60 are also keen to travel and Operators have confirmed lots of family bookings. Luxury market remains mostly unaffected and there will be in a stronger financial position to travel.

Social impact of Coronavirus:
The latest update to the Government's Social Impacts survey has been produced. The key findings are that:

  • 37% of people said they would feel comfortable or very comfortable eating indoors at a restaurant. This is an increase from 34% last week, but it still shows that public confidence is a real issue.
  • Of those adults who had left their homes this week, 21% said they had visited a café, pub or restaurant. While this a significant improvement from 10% who said this three weeks ago, it is again still very low.
  • 14% of people reported that they were worried about possible job losses, which will have implications for people's willingness to spend.

Summer 21: Now Boris has made this announcement that travel could restart there will be a great boom in Summer holidays with Greece, Spain and Turkey looking to be popular. Finland could position itself for travel and most Brits over 30 will have at least had the first vaccine.

Winter 21-22 - Good reports of those customers that have postponed their bookings from 20/21 to 21/22 winter season. TO's reporting fresh bookings for Lapland.

Finland's USP's are wide open spaces, nature and clean water, air, northern lights, wildlife, safe country to travel, close proximity to UK, sustainable, unique accommodation

Travel trade update

With new national lockdown the travel industry are forced to keep workers on Furlough until April.
Travel companies have made difficult decisions to reduce staff, close offices.
Last minute bookings will be popular still this year whilst in the pandemic.

Lapland is still very much in demand and popular from the UK. Luxury segment in demand from UK customers wanting bucket list accommodation and experiences.

Lakeland has been popular and products in the west and east of the Lakeland. Tampere/Turku by train. In fact train travel could be an interesting angle for 2021 to pursue.

Fly-drives we added product last year so travellers are able to start from Helsinki and explore the other destinations. Helsinki and the national parks, attractions, regions surrounding have been in demand. Activity holidays - recent enquiries from VIP stags in Helsinki, high-end fishing and wellness holidays.

With more Brits connecting with nature on their doorstep I think wildlife, outdoors and nature will be top of mind.

Updated 23.2.

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