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Olemme keränneet Suomen matkailuelinkeinolle ajankohtaista tietoa, tilastoja ja muuta hyödyllistä materiaalia Isosta-Britanniasta matkailumarkkinana.

Current situation

Step 3 of the UK roadmap is now in operation UK has gone down to level 3 - two thirds of adults have been vaccinated (over 35.5 million 1st dose 17 mil both vaccinations) (scientific research says AstraZeneca cuts the risk of death and passing on the virus by 80%)

17/5 - outdoors more social contact as rules lifted, 6 people can meet from 2 households, Indoor hospitality and hotels open with overnight stays allowed in the UK. Increased visitors to care homes, hospitals. Weddings can now have 30 guests. We remain on track to ease lockdown totally on the 21st June subject to variants. Indian variant a concern. Guidance to work from home until August at least.

Quarantine rules: 

Leisure International Travel - illegal in the UK until 16th May - fines from £5,000 if caught travelling for leisure purposes.

Traffic Light System put in place:

Travel Green List countries you can travel with PCR test on the way back and no quarantine required.
The 10 countries on the green list are: Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Brunei, Iceland, the Faroe Islands, Gibraltar, the Falkland Islands, Israel and Portugal – including the Azores and Madeira. Also on the green list are the territories of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, and Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha.

Amber countries - Most countries including Finland are on the amber list. This means you must not travel for leisure and if you are returning to the UK a level of testing is required as well as a 10 day quarantine at home.

Red countries - you must not travel to and if you are returning to the UK you must take testing and reside in an allocated hotel located at Heathrow airport that costs £1700 to self isolate. Maldives has just been the red list.

Finnair are flying daily from UK to Helsinki - programme to come in affect since government announcement.

Norwegian are due to fly twice daily from June 28th, if the borders open. Otherwise will be pushed back.

Charters have been increased to help with demand in UK December bookings

Consumer behaviour

Online research and following the UK travel corridors influences UK travellers. Last minute bookings and postponing holidays.
200% increase in bookings to Portugal when they were announced on the green list, which shows once countries are added to the green list or open borders there will be a flurry of bookings.

The latest social impact research has been published by ONS. The key points of interest from this are:

• Following the easing of lockdown restrictions, 33% of adults left home last week to meet others in a public place compared to just 26% the week before
• 15% of people left home to undertake leisure activities compared to 12% last week
• 85% of people are maintaining social distancing when they meet with others
• 55% of people are still worried about the impact of coronavirus on their lives
The recent BVA BDRC clearsight recovery tracker was published on Friday. Please contact the Secretariat if you would like a copy. Some of the key findings are:
• Optimism seems to have stalled as the percentage of people that think the worst is over has remained at 38-40% for the last two months
• Only 6% of people used a train in April – while this is up significantly since lockdown, it is still only about a third of normal usage
• Between 30-40% of people are comfortable taking public transport compared to 70-75% pre covid
• While holiday booking levels have increased in April, they remain historically low with only 2.1% of the population booking a UK holiday in the last month
• The percentage of people booking flights and overseas holidays is extremely low at just half a percent.
• People want self-catering accommodation with 65% of people saying they feel comfortable with this compared to just 51% feeling comfortable staying in a hotel
• 60% of people feel comfortable about taking a holiday in the UK compared to just 31% saying that they are comfortable taking an overseas holiday
• The number of people going to outdoor attractions is at it's highest level since October
• 60% of people feel comfortable at an outdoor attractions while only about 40% of people feel comfortable about visiting an indoor attraction

Future outlook

Sustainable, greener holidays
Nature, beach and forest
Wellness holidays - meditation, yoga, de-stress, mind therapy
Rise of camping and self-catering accommodation / mobile homes / glamping / villas
Family holidays
Multi-centre and multi-country travel - to make up for lost time
Train travel / cycling
Adventure /activities holidays

Key findings from new research

  • Consumers are feeling worried but optimistic about travelling and holidays
  • Travelling by car more, less by buses and planes
  • Stress relief, health and wellbeing are more and more important. Many will travel to reconnect with their passions
  • 2020 holidays will be a way to socialise with family and friends
  • Beach quality and food offer remain top destination choice factors
  • School holidays timing remains crucial
  • People will look to book the holidays and travel almost immediately after the booking is made.
  • Holiday money is already set aside
  • Hygiene level of the venue / hotel will be extremely important
  • 8 in 10 are interested in an option called “coronavirus guarantee”

Luxury market remains mostly unaffected and there will be in a stronger financial position to travel.
Older market over 60's are keen to get their vaccine passport and travel

Summer 21: If the borders open there will be some UK travel, especially Autumn and will of course support operators to get those bookings.

Winter 21-22 - Good reports of those customers that have postponed their bookings from 20/21 to 21/22 winter season. TO's reporting fresh bookings for Lapland. Some operators have sold out of Christmas/new year allocation

Finland's USP's are wide open spaces, nature and clean water, air, northern lights, wildlife, safe country to travel, close proximity to UK, sustainable, unique accommodation

Travel trade update

Travel agents and operators have come back to work, some on reduced hours still. Bookings are postponed. Last minute bookings will be popular still this year whilst in the pandemic.
Most are working from home still and some offices and agencies are closed.

Lapland is still very much in demand and popular from the UK. Luxury segment in demand from UK customers wanting bucket list accommodation and experiences.

Workations - some operators are looking at the logistics to be able to sell these long stay trips.
Weddings - back in place - Trailfinders have introduced new wedding programme.
Motorhomes and self catering accommodation is popular.

Lakeland has been popular and products in the west and east of the Lakeland. Tampere/Turku by train. In fact train travel could be an interesting angle for 2021 to pursue.

Fly-drives we added product last year so travellers are able to start from Helsinki and explore the other destinations. Helsinki and the national parks, attractions, regions surrounding have been in demand.

Activity holidays - recent enquiries from VIP stags in Helsinki, high-end fishing and wellness holidays.
With more Brits connecting with nature on their doorstep I think wildlife, outdoors and nature will be top of mind.

Updated 14.5.

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