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Olemme keränneet yhteen Suomen matkailuelinkeinoa varten ajankohtaista tietoa, tilastoja ja muuta hyödyllistä materiaalia Isosta-Britanniasta matkailumarkkinana.

Current situation

As of 4th July the FCO advises British nationals against all but essential international travel. Travel to some countries is currently exempted.

Most Hotels, campsites, self-catering, restaurants, pubs, hair salons, beauty salons, gyms have now opened up the UK. Mandatory requirements to wear face-masks in specific locations other than indoor shops and restaurants in August. They are required in:

  • Indoor places of worship
  • Community centres including youth centres
  • Public areas in hotels and hostels
  • Concert halls, exhibition halls and other public halls
  • Cinemas
  • Museums, galleries, aquariums, indoor zoos and visitor farms, and other indoor, or indoor parts of, tourist, heritage or cultural sites
  • Bingo halls
  • Public libraries and reading rooms

As of 10th July following a list of 59 countries that includes Finland the UK can travel to without having to quarantine when they get back in the UK. These are known as air bridges. However Brits are advised to check if the country they are flying to imposes a quarantine or test on arrival before they travel. The list will be extended in the next few weeks. Since new outbreaks UK nationals are not advised to travel to Spain, mainland, Balearic and Canary Islands.

Removal of countries from the Air Corridor list: As announced last night, Andorra, The Bahamas and Belgium will be removed from the exempt list for arrivals at 4 am tomorrow.

July - Finnair are opening up flights at reduced capacity from LHR/MAN
LHR-HEL - 14 x weekly (20 x daily August)
MAN-HEL - 4 x weekly (5 x daily August)

August EDI/DUB
EDI-HEL - 3 x weekly
DUB-HEL - 5 x daily flights

Norwegian will now commence flights in July for OSL/CPH and some other European cities
LHR-HEL - 1st August

EasyJet has started flying again 15 June with reduced capacity at 22 airports, including LGW - GLA the plan is to be able to fly 50 per cent of its normal 1,022 routes in July, and 75 per cent in August.

Consumer behaviour

In a survey conducted by Visit Britain Only 16 % of UK adults now think that the worst has of the pandemic has passed, (compared with 31% back in Week 4 of the survey).

Only 22 % are now expecting ‘normality’ by the end of this year and confidence in the ability to take a domestic trip continues to decline slowly. For those lacking confidence around winter trips, concerns around catching coronavirus is a significant factor (with 52% citing this). Still, in second and third positions we see people saying ‘it’s not responsible to travel’ and ‘general unease about travelling’, which suggests reassurance is going to be a major factor in encouraging trips during this period.

More positively, over half of people planning to take a summer trip have already planned one, while 44% have committed to booking it. Of course, the broader challenge is encouraging more bookings from those looking for a winter break (for trips between October ‘20 – March ‘21) which currently stands at 17%, although this is up 5% from week 10.              

8 million Brits have now been furloughed. The Chancellor has extended the Furlough scheme until October (this is where the employee gets paid 80% of their wages, some companies are matching the full pay). Many return from furlough and other are sadly made redundant.

Future outlook

Nature and wildlife, sustainability, wellness holidays, rise of camping and self-catering accommodation, family holidays, fly-drives, multicentre and multi-country travel, train travel.

Key findings from new research

  • Consumers are feeling worried but optimistic about travelling and holidays
  • Travelling by car more, less by buses and planes
  • Stress relief, health and wellbeing are more and more important. Many will travel to reconnect with their passions
  • 2020 holidays will be a way to socialise with family and friends
  • Beach quality and food offer remain top destination choice factors
  • School holidays timing remains crucial
  • People will look to book the holidays and travel almost immediately after the booking is made.
  • Holiday money is already set aside
  • Hygiene level of the venue / hotel will be extremely important
  • 8 in 10 are interested in an option called “coronavirus guarantee”

Research has told us the 20-30 age group will start travelling first due to more immunity and mild symptoms so there is no fear. It is predicted they take low-cost airlines that are starting up. Families and couples under 60 are also keen to travel and Operators have confirmed lots of family bookings. Over 60's market, there are also bookings for last quarter of 2020 and into 21. Cruise has been popular.

The latest update to the Government’s Social Impacts survey has been produced. The key findings are that:

  • 37% of people said they would feel comfortable or very comfortable eating indoors at a restaurant. This is an increase from 34% last week, but it still shows that public confidence is a real issue.
  • Of those adults who had left their homes this week, 21% said they had visited a café, pub or restaurant. While this a significant improvement from 10% who said this three weeks ago, it is again still very low.
  • 14% of people reported that they were worried about possible job losses, which will have implications for people’s willingness to spend.    

If Finland allows the UK to travel for September then there will be some bookings going ahead for Autumn auroras and nature trips. We are not positive since still seeing some local lock downs in the North of England and Scotland and few deaths reported daily, However going down in the right direction given the size of the UK's population.              

I can report good bookings from the Operators for this period, mainly winter Lapland. Finnair has reported good capacity on its winter routes December/January. One operator has reported they will scale back some of their winter programmes 20/21. Operators and agents are seeing bookings increase in July.

Finland's USP's are wide open spaces, nature and clean water, air, northern lights, wildlife, safe country to travel, close proximity to UK, and sustainability.

Travel trade update

The Travel trade are working from home or have been furloughed until June/July. (Top Management running the operations in this case). High street travel agencies are now open and they are taking appointments for a healthy stream of customers

The key trade to Finland have made smart business decisions and no doubt will be able to keep operating. Some smaller travel companies and group travel will be at risk. Sadly some redundancies have occurred. Monitoring closely to see what happens. More travel professionals are taking advantage of training opportunities.       

Lapland is still very much in demand and popular from the UK. Some autumn bookings coming in and fresh inquiries. Inari Saariselkä has been a growing region for buyers with the wilderness experiences, good Northern lights and accommodation. Ruka-Kuusamo also with good growth from last year. Luxury segment in demand from UK customers wanting bucket list accommodation and five star experiences. Lakeland has been popular and products in the west and east of the Lakeland. Tampere/Turku by train. In fact, train travel could be an interesting angle for 2021 to pursue.

Fly-drives we added product last year so travellers are able to start from Helsinki and explore the other destinations. Helsinki and the national parks, attractions, regions surrounding have been in demand. With more Brits connecting with nature on their doorstep I think wildlife, outdoors and nature.

Updated 12.8.

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