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Current situation

There is no travel restriction in most of the areas in China for domestic travels. Regarding international travel, national Immigration Administration reminds Chinese citizens to minimize their outbound travel and to cancel or postpone their trips abroad. Due to the reciprocity, EU hasn't opened the border to China yet while China still closes the border for most of the countries and only opens for essential travels.

Quarantine rules

All passengers must have double-negative certificate (both Covid-19 Nucleic Acid PCR Test and Antibody Test IgM) to be on boarding flight to China and 14 days of intensive quarantine required for all inbound passengers upon arrival in China.

Finnair has reopened Shanghai (once a week) and Hongkong (twice a week) routes to Helsinki. Other Finnair routes in China. JuneYao Airlines keeps operating Shanghai to Helsinki route once a week and opened a new route from Zhengzhou to Helsinki (once a week) on Oct. 11th ,2020.

Consumer behaviour

In National Day holiday (Oct. 1-8), Chinese domestic travelers made 637 million trips (Chinese population is 1.4 billion) and many domestic destinations were extremely popular in summer holiday period or other holiday seasons. As the winter/ski season is coming, many ski destinations start to have more and more travelers who come to ski and have the vacation.

However, as the border of China is not open yet and the 14-day intensive quarantine is still required. The leisure travel to outbound destination is still not that possible at the moment.

China GDP growth turned from negative to positive in the first three quarters of 2020 and recovered quickly. In Q3, the GDP growth is 4.9%. The general economy situation looks pretty good. Double 11, the biggest online shopping festival, generated 498.2 billion RMB turnover on, which almost doubled last year's record and reached big sales number on other e-commerce platforms as well., the OTA giant, got 1.6 billion RMB revenue in Q3 report and it was the first quarter that had profits after the outbreak of COVID-19. Pre-sales of domestic hotels, theme park entrance tickets, travel packages, or ski products have become a popular way for companies in the travel trade to promote the sales.

Future Outlook

  • People would choose "safe" or "secured" destinations to travel by the understanding people form by getting information from media, social media, etc.
  • Nature would be valued as we can see rapidly growing interests in "glamping" or luxury camping.
  • FIT is the driving force for China outbound travel.
  • The group size is getting smaller and people would travel more with family or close friends.
  • Diversified and customized products are needed in order to meet the variable demands.Chinese travelers will be more sensitive about the price as well as the value, and become more rational about spending money.
  • Booking habit will become more fragmental instead of leaving the whole booking on one operator/company. Online travel platform will play a even bigger role there.
  • MICE sector will recover faster than people think from China market and bring big opportunities for the destinations

Business traveler will start first and they might stay for leisure purpose in the destinations.
MICE sector will also recover faster.
Young and FIT travelers as well as senior/retired group will follow.

Finland's USP's:

  • Clean air, clean water, nature, secured society, friendly people and natural social distancing are the unique selling points.
  • Winter season and all the USPs around that still work very well for the market.
  • Edu travel might recover slower as parents even concern about the safety issue. However, Finland is still having the popularity and curiosity as an educational travel destination.
  • Sustainability

Travel trade update

Most of the travel trade companies are having serious economic crisis due to the lackness of income. Many companies have laid off big amount of employees or ask employees to have no pay leave, especially for those who are from outbound department. The key focus now for travel trade companies in China is now the domestic travel, which have already helped many to get proper revenues. Others try to survive by developing new business models, like E-commerce. Live streaming become a new and important sales channel for OTAs as well as traditional travel agencies/tour operators.

Which products / regions are most interesting to the buyers?

  • Lapland and winter products
  • well-being and vacation products

Updated 7.12.

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