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Olemme keränneet Suomen matkailuelinkeinolle ajankohtaista tietoa, tilastoja ja muuta hyödyllistä materiaalia Sveitsistä matkailumarkkinana.

Current situation

Stable situation regarding new COVID-19-infections. 65/100.000 - situation however can change fast.

Quarantine rules: With infection-level limit of 60/100 000. Entry is also possible form safe countries with transit through unsafe countries if the transit is less than 24 hours (e.g. NRT-CPH-ZRH). Mandatory 10 days quarantine for all arrivals from unsafe country list (travelled in one or more of these countries within 10 days before arrival).

Limitation for Swiss tourists for traveling abroad. Restricted entry (e.g. to Finland - only essential travel possible & quarantine). Free travel (e.g. to Sweden).

5 weekly flights ZRH-HEL with Finnair
Soon possibly also GVA (3-per week)
Winter charter flights (still) planned GVA-KTT - ZRH-KTT - ZRH-RVN (tbd) 

Consumer behaviour

Swiss tourists are interested in traveling to Finland - during spring/summer time they mostly stayed at home. Finland is still considered as a COVID-19-safe country. Many Swiss/Finns in Switzerland own a Mökki in Finland, they are wiling to have a COVID-19-test before their travel in order to enter/stay withoug quarantine in Finland. They look for calm winter holidays with little interactions.

Consumer confidence is at the bottom, according to SECO. Unemployment has risen to three per cent and is expected to rise to as much as seven per cent at worst, to four in the best case scenario. Depending on the forecast, GDP is projected to fall by 6-10% in 2020

GDP in 2020 -6%
GDP in 2021 - 4,9%

Hospitality industry is the hardest hit sector. Also hard hit is transport, storage, information and communication also arts, entertainment, other consumer-oriented services.

Future outlook

Summer 2021 is likely to be concentrated in Finland and Europe, global tourism is not expected to recover until late 2021. For Swiss tourists, we see good potential at the moment in those countries where the spread of the corona has been mild and has a "clean reputation" both in nature and in accommodation and offer good quality, sustainable tourism.

Outside of direct risk groups, there is potential in all target groups. Families with young children are considered to be the most obvious consumers close to home.

Travel trade update

Distribution channels and transport companies are in crisis as tourism drops to a fraction of normal volume. The biggest pain is related to the lifting of travel restrictions and the recovery of the market. Tourism sector and transport sector are suffering bad, short-time-work in the tourism sector since march 2020.

Products/regions of interest: Especially Lapland. In summer, touring is the main product and Swiss people travel all over the country.

Updated 14.10.

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Sveitsiläiset matkailijat ovat kiinnostuneita aktiviteeteista luonnossa esim. vaelluksesta ja samoilusta.

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