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Ajankohtaista tietoa Italian matkailusta

Olemme keränneet Suomen matkailuelinkeinolle ajankohtaista tietoa, tilastoja ja muuta hyödyllistä materiaalia Italiasta matkailumarkkinana.

Current situation

The Council of Ministers has extended the state of emergency until 31 January 2021.
The last decrees with travel restrictions passed on 18 and 23 December.
More restrictive measures were imposed for the public holidays between 24 December and 6 January.

In Viaggiaresicuri webpage by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs countries have been divided in 6 groups:
• A – San Marino and the Vatican no restrictions
• B – States and territories at low epidemiological risk to be identified, among those on List C, by Prime Ministerial Decree of 3 December 2020. Currently, no State is included in this list.
• C – Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Denmark (including the Faroe Islands and Greenland), Estonia, Finland, France (including Guadeloupe, Martinique, Guyana, Reunion, Mayotte and excluding other territories outside the European mainland), Germany, Greece, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands (excluding territories located outside the European continent), Poland, Portugal (including Azores and Madeira), Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain (including territories in the African continent), Sweden, Hungary, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Andorra, Principality of Monaco they must be swabbed within 48 hours prior to boarding for entering the national territory.
• D – Australia, Canada, Georgia, Japan, New Zealand, Romania, Rwanda, South Corea, Thailand, Tunisia are allowed w/o motivation (also for tourism) and w/o isolation upon return, trips to/from List B countries. It's mandatory to fill in a self-declaration.
• E – rest of the world it's only permitted to travel for reasons of work, health, study, absolute urgency, residence or residence. Fiduciary isolation and health surveillance upon return is mandatory.

Further restrictions for UK that until 15 January passes in the list E.

It is always necessary to check, before departure, any restrictions on entry into the country to which you wish to travel. This information is available on the Safe Travel Country Cards and on the websites of the Italian Embassies and/or Consulates of the countries of interest.

Airport transit is allowed: those who enter Italy by air can take another plane to any national or international destination. It is permitted to rent cars and use taxis or taxi or hire a driver.

Quarantine rules: Where needed, the isolation is now 10 days long (instead of 14 days) and a buffer is necessary at the end of the quarantine to declare it ended.

Flights: From 15 October till March 2021 Finnair will have 2 flights per week from Milan and 2 per week from Rome.
Ryanair will fly from Bergamo to Lappeenranta twice a week from March 2021.

High-speed trains, regional ones and metro are filled to 50% capacity.

Consumer behaviour

People request information about the adoption of measures of distancing on way of transport, restaurants, hotels and equipment for excursions sanitization, when it's possible to reserve, they ask for reservations without penalty given the situation still unclear. In general they want to travel, especially now for winter season for the northern lights but most of the reservations are still only quotations for lack of clear details about 72hrs, quarantine, etc.

Up to now the Government, to face the effects of the epidemic on the economy of the country, is supporting Italian industries, with postponement or reduction of taxes, incentives and help for loans and other measures to help companies, especially small and medium enterprises. Part of the amount also supports families with bonus for babysitting, independent workers with a bonus, new hiring of nurses and doctors for the health system, supports to schools with the hiring of teachers, one-off payment for certain categories (seasonal workers in tourism, spas and entertainment, seasonal workers in sectors other than tourism, workers with intermittent contracts, door-to-door salesmen), etc.

According to the quarterly economic bulletin of the Bank of Italy (Oct, 16), the improvement in the economic situation over the summer was stronger than the baseline scenario outlined in our July projections; however, the recovery is still partial. In the third quarter, growth is estimated at around 12%, driven by the recovery in industry; the outlook remains more uncertain in the service sector. In the second quarter, GDP fell by 13% compared with the previous period, a little more than Istat had estimated in July.

Future Outlook

Some trends that are not radically new but are on the rise are "conscious travel": there is an increasing attention to the impact of one's own travel, more sustainable tourist offers are favoured by opting for slow tourism. This leads to the emergence of market niches, less and less elitist, attracted by travel experiences in tune with one's physical and psychological well-being needs.

Among the new priorities of the tourist there is more attention to nature with a relative reduction of urban tourism (to avoid pollution and overcrowding). The need to escape from the condition of strong stress linked both to anxiety and fear of contagion, and to new models of social life (distancing, masks, etc.), and to different and not necessarily relaxing working conditions (smart working, distance working, etc.) will last over time.

Already during the epidemic to spread greater attention to health practices and forms of relative self-isolation aimed at greater physical and psychological well-being and stress management (yoga etc.).

-Nature lovers: will be looking for relaxation and open spaces
-Travel with children: related to high-end families and to schools holidays (Christmas holidays)
-Luxury tourism: high-end travelers are less affected will travel more
-Opportunity to gain new visitors, usually travelling to long haul destinations but who still cannot leave.
-In Italy slow tourism and bike tourism have grown in these last 2 years, so it will become a new segment to develop for Summer season.

Although in a situation of great uncertainty due to the coronavirus epidemic, about 90% took at least one holiday between June and September. After an initial phase of great caution, the Italians regained a progressive confidence that the minimum conditions for travelling were in place. However, the issue of health security remains central, since it is the main motivation for those who have decided to stay at home instead.

At the beginning of September Italian Touring Club carried out a survey on the summer holidays. The way of doing tourism has changed: destinations closer to the place of residence were chosen (72%), fewer events and museums (67%), preference for less well-known and less crowded destinations (59%), less frequent bars and restaurants (58%).
They chose sun & sea (44%), mountains (26%), touring by car or motorbike (12%), villages and the hinterland (7%). Cities of art have fallen from 10% to 4%. Abroad, although with low numbers, there was a strong polarisation towards Greece (21%) and France (20%), followed by Croatia (11%) and Spain (8%). 97% did not benefit from the holiday bonus offered by the Government.

Winter 2020-21: Usually in this period the Italians had already booked their winter holiday in Finland but for this winter, even if TOs received many quotations for Lapland, the reservations are a few due to the strict rules for entering and permanence in Finland. People wants to travel but wants for more clear rules about quarantine, tests, etc. In addition to Santa Claus and the Northern Lights, which are always on the bucket list, Finland has plenty of unspoilt nature, sauna, good food and many beautiful facilities that could offer safe solutions even during a quarantine trip.

Some Italians choose to spend their holidays in winter because they no longer had holidays in summer, because of economic problems, because companies resumed their activities very close to summer season or because their cancelled trip was planned for last winter and they want to do it again in the same period.

Finland is a short-haul destination (just 3hrs from Italy) sparsely populated/crowded. Cozy and pure nature, the happiest country in the world are strong points to capitalize on. Now, more than ever it's time to talk about the Finnish way of life, the benefits of being in unspoilt nature, doing outdoor activities or simply relaxing. In winter, together with Norway, is one of the best destination chosen for northern lights.

Finland has also many special accommodations in close contact with nature.
In addition, it is a safe destination, easy to reach, with the euro instead of kroner.

Travel trade update

In Italy tourism corresponds to 13.2% Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and 3,5 millions Italians (=15%) are working in this sector. The Government helped the tourism sector with a “holiday bonus” that people spent during their summer vacation in Italy, cut the patrimony tax for hotels, create an emergency fund to help travel agencies who have suffered losses, suspend loan instalments, incentive to renew tourist buses, redundancy fund in derogation, relief from contributions for new hirings, etc. The total investment to support tourism is of € 3 billions.

Many travel agents and TOs are still on layoffs or do smart working. Winter is the main season for selling Finland: in this period, the most important TOs, specialized in Nordic countries, receive many requests for quotations to travel this winter in search of the Northern Lights (this is a positive sign because it means that customers want to travel). Many of them have big commitments with charter flights, allotment of Finnair flights and allotment of hotel rooms that are postponing as much as possible, waiting for more detailed information about restrictions from the Finnish government. Some have already cancelled the 2020 dates but have kept the 2021 dates, others have deadlines in endof October, so in a few days they will have to decide what to do.

Many of them, in order to sell, have also jumped through hoops to adapt their packages to the imposed rules, offering 72-hour packages. Finland could be one of the main destinations for this winter, as among the Nordic countries only Sweden is currently accessible without restrictions. The most important period of the winter season (Christmas) is now compromised, some TOs have already started to move business to Sweden, but the TOs hope to sell at least the winter months at the beginning of 2021.

Thanks to the Rent a Finn campaign and the happiest country in the world, the desire to experience sauna, cottage life, outdoor activities in nature both in summer and winter, wellness, etc. is growing. For summer Italians prefer southern regions or in the north among 3 Laplands with f&d formula. For winter, except the Christmas period with Santa Claus, they prefer Lapland for northern lights but the interest for Lakeland is growing. Helsinki is an evergreen destination. Products are always a combination of nature and culture.

Updated 31.1.

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