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Olemme keränneet Suomen matkailuelinkeinolle ajankohtaista tietoa, tulevaisuuden näkymiä ja muuta hyödyllistä materiaalia Japanista matkailumarkkinana. Englanninkielinen markkinakatsausmateriaali päivitetään kaksi kertaa vuodessa.

Updated March 2022

Finland's position in the market

Key travel agents have strong interests towards Finland when the longhaul outbound leisure travel becomes possible again. Japan Association of Travel Agents were planning to send its first official delegation to Helsinki at the end of March 2022. It was the first of its kind since the spring 2020. Unfortunately, due to the war in Ukraine, the project was postponed to a later time. Finland was going to the first destination to welcome the official tourism delegation from Japan ahead of all the competing destinations. This proposed program was reaffirming our strong position in the market.

A country image as safe and clean destination is the essentials for our trade partners in developing travel packages. In terms of the accessibility, Finnair had been maintaining daily flights on HELNRT route. HELKIX 3 weekly flights were operated until the beginning of March. Due to the war, Finnair route has changed, and its frequency/capacity have been changed drastically due to the flying time from 9.5 to 13 hours. The current operation is 4 weekly flights on NRTHEL until further notice. Japan Airline's HELHND operation has been in review for the rerouting.

Finland's visibility continues to be high on themes such as lifestyle, sauna culture and social values such as gender equality and sustainability. Some prefectural governments are benchmarking their welfare and wellbeing programs to Finland. Finland touch points are spreading in helping local tourism destinations revitalize economy. For example, "Tokachi" region in the central Hokkaido, Northern Japan island has launched "Sauna and Avanto" product to promote its slow winter season.

Consumer trends and behavior

Japanese government is finally shifting from the strict border control policy towards opening up to essential workers, business travelers and students. As of March, quarantine is no longer required for a Japanese resident returning from the green country list including Finland provided that the booster shot is taken and negative result of PCR testing. Use of public transportation from the airport is also possible.

The travel industry is gaining confidence in resuming the outbound business during this year. Frequent travelers are anxious to resume overseas trips. Finland has gained a strong position in attracting consumers over the past 2 years thanks to extensive media visibility and booming sauna trend. Consumers are looking for an authentic experience and ways of connecting with nature.

Finnish lifestyle is now appealing to a wide range of market segments from Generation Z, millennials to the active senior market. There are some signals indicating opportunities for family, MICE/conventions and students. Demands are strong towards Northern lights and city breaks for shopping and cafe/sauna hopping. Travel agents are looking for resorts and sightseeing/activities in Lakeland and Coastal Archipelago region as "mono destination" will be the popular trend at the initial stage of the ramp up phase. "Gourmet" dining and sustainability are also important factors. Unfortunately, an overall perception of Europe is not perceived as safe/secure destination for the travel choice due to the extensive media exposure of Ukraine and Russia.

Industry update and distribution channels

Travel agents and TOs have started to prepare for restarting its outbound tourism business after almost 2 years of suspension due to the Corona virus pandemic. Since the beginning of March, traffic for business travelers and FIT is picking up as the border control restrictions have been lifted with certain conditions for returning residents as mentioned earlier. There is a high expectation for Europe as it is the most profitable destination. However, the recent Russian attack to Ukraine changed the atmosphere and working environment especially for the airlines' operations.

Miki Tourist, KuoniTumlare, Nordic Japan and G2 Travel Japan are the point of contacts for DMC and Finnish suppliers for B2B channel for the major travel agents such as JTB, HIS, NTA, Hankyu International Travel and Clubtourism. Midsize retailers such as Finntour and World Air Sea Service have purchasing departments for direct dealings.

Travel agents are now looking for products in Finland for a mono destination program. This trend is new since popular products used to be "circle trip" itinerary featuring Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. Stopover products will not be in high demand for the B2B distribution channel for a while. As for OTA agents, business environment is challenging with fluctuating inventories and scheduling for European carriers.

Finland travel USP's

Perception of Finland's overall country image continues to be very positive among the travel industry, consumers and media. Northern lights and Finnish lifestyle including authentic sauna culture are strong motivating factors for driving travel bookings in the early stage of the ramp up phase. Finland offers authentic experience and its lifestyle connecting people to nature in many ways. Everyman's right, picking berries and mushrooms is appealing to soft adventure seekers.

Consumers are more ethical minded. Sustainability is the emerging interests. Japanese society is paying more attention to enhancing well-being. Corporations and policy makers are gradually shifting from work driven mindset to balanced life. People are looking for resort stays and activities in an open space. Travel agents are designing Finland mono tour products. Lakeland and Coastal Archipelago regions have opportunities to capitalize on this trend with its tourist attractions, heritage and food cultures.

Products in summer:
City holiday, café hopping, public sauna hopping, Authentic sauna experience in nature at a resort/cottage, dining experience, Finnish design and fashion, Moomin World/Museum

Products in fall:
Northern Light viewing, City holiday, café hopping, public sauna hopping, Authentic sauna experience in nature at a resort/cottage, dining experience, Finnish design and fashion, Moomin Museum

Products in winter:
Northern Lights viewing, Christmas, City holiday, café hopping, public sauna hopping, Northern Light viewing, Authentic sauna experience in nature at a resort/cottage, dining experience, Finnish design and fashion, Moomin Museum


Future outlook and upcoming season

There is no doubt that Finland is an attracting destination for repeat travelers to Finland, repeat travelers to Europe who have never been to Finland and emerging market such as sauna enthusiasts, students, family and MICE/convention business.

Safety, security, cleanliness and accessibility along with the USP meet the needs for B2B, consumers and media. Finland is in a strong position to capitalize on the pent up demands and emerging demands as described earlier. The future outlook is subject to the situation surrounding the Russia's invasion to Ukraine. The impact is significant both psychologically and economically as the consumer price index has been rising for the food and energy products. 

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