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Olemme keränneet Suomen matkailuelinkeinolle ajankohtaista tietoa, tulevaisuuden näkymiä ja muuta hyödyllistä materiaalia Ranskasta matkailumarkkinana. Englanninkielinen markkinakatsausmateriaali päivitetään kaksi kertaa vuodessa.

Updated August 2021

Finland's position in the market

Finland is well known in France as a winter travel destination. Especially Finnish Lapland has a strong image and there is demand for the whole winter season from December until March/April. Finland's summer image is weaker and therefor needs more efforts in promotion, but the potential is big, and the image is slowly getting better. Competition is harder concerning summer season as French are travelling a lot inside France during the summer and Norway has a strong position and image as a Nordic summer destination. Finland's image as a sustainable and safe destination is quite good and Finland got good visibility also during the Covid pandemic.

Corona pandemic stopped all travelling from France, but demand is still strong, and French are eager to travel to Finland. Sweden got some advantage last winter because of open borders, but it seems that coming winter season will be good for Finland again.

Our competitors in France are Norway, Sweden, Iceland, and Canada but also French Alpes in the winter. Canada has similar offering than Finland and is attracting French travellers all year around. During the pandemic this have changed because of Corona restrictions and probably for a moment European travelling will be more popular and easier. Norway has strong position as a summer destination and is leading Nordic country for summer travels. Norway has also managed to reinforce their winter image during the last years.

Accessibility from France is getting better. Finnair has daily flights and Air France launched Paris-Helsinki connection this summer (1 flight per day). Air France has also announced a direct, weekly flight from Paris to Rovaniemi for the coming winter season 2021-2022.

Finland's visibility in France was lower during pandemic, but there still was good visibility through TV documentaries and articles in newspapers. Nevertheless, now it is a good timing to reactivate PR operations and SOME activities to be able to attract traveller's back.

Consumer trends and behavior

French have been travelling last 1,5 years in France and the willingness to travel abroad is strong. Due to the situation in long haul destinations, European travels will be the main trend for the moment. Nature and outdoor activities are important, and safety of the destination is one of the main criteria. Finland has a good image as a Nature destination where you can have room to roam; this helps us in post corona situation.

French consumers/travellers are looking for inspiration and information in many different online channels, but traditional travel agencies and tour operators have still a strong role in purchasing phase as they can have certain insurances and guarantees. In case of a problem, travellers trust that it will be a lot easier with traditional operators, and Covid pandemic has reinforced this even more.

Concerning Finland, most of the French travellers are coming through tour operators, especially in the winter season. With new direct flights (to Helsinki and Rovaniemi) there will probably be more also FIT travellers.

Industry update and distribution channels

Winter season looks good and French partner tour operators and agencies are eagerly looking for coming winter season. As the pandemic situation has last long and 2 summer seasons have been "lost" already, next winter season is primordial. French government has support travel industry and therefor there has not been many bankruptcies yet. Nevertheless, if the situation is not getting better for the coming season and winter travelling will be restricted, some of the operators will have difficulties to resist.

Main tour operators for Finland are Kuoni-Scanditours, Timetours/ La Francaise de circuits, Vivatours, Salaun Holidays/Nordiska, Scandinavia/Hutissen, Comptoir des Pays Scandinaves and Voyageurs du monde. There are also many smaller, and specialized operators, selling actively Finland.

Role of the incoming agencies is important in the French market and French operators are looking for local, Finland based operators. They want to work with local agencies who can find great locations and addresses in Finland.

Accessibility is good considering the situation and Air France decided to open Finland flights again after many years of absence. Paris-Helsinki flight was launched this summer and for the coming winter season there will be direct flight from Paris to Rovaniemi. Air France's flight is connecting well also with other destinations (from Paris) and helps connection also from other regions in France.

Finland travel USP's

Most relevant Finland's USP's in France are Finnish Happiness – Live like a Finn, Easy access to forests - Reconnect with Nature and Healthy and safe travel. French travellers coming to Finland are looking for outdoors activities with room to roam and clean air to breath. They want to experience Nordic nature and wilderness, including different light phenomena. Culture is also important, especially local cultural aspects and live like a local experiences.

Finland has got a strong image as a happy country, and it can be used to differentiate us from other Nordic countries. Finnish Lapland has also stronger position than the competitors and it is better known and more demanded.

Outdoors is a strong theme for Finland in France and most of the travellers are coming for outdoor and nature activities. They do want to have also cultural experiences but are combining those with nature activities during their stay. Luxury theme is getting stronger also and knowledge of Finland's luxury and high-end offering is better. Concerning sustainability, France was late with sustainable aspect of travelling, but corona pandemic has influenced the situation and travellers are more aware of the impact of tourism. Finland is seen as a sustainable destination and expectations are high.

Future outlook and upcoming season

Upcoming winter season looks good. Messages from our partners are positive and travellers are eager to come to Finland. Many trips have been postponed from the last winter season and therefor expectations are high.

Tour operators have carefully followed the situation and are following actively how the situation evolves during the autumn. French have mainly travelled in France for the last seasons and are hoping to be able to travel abroad this winter season.

Target groups are mainly the same than before the pandemic, especially in the winter season. Families and couples are coming for multi-activity holidays in Lapland and there will probably be also some incentive groups, even if the recovery is slower for the events and incentive sector.

Concerning the other seasons, Finland can attract also other target groups, especially when the accessibility is getting better, and more flights are available. Flight prices have been quite high and therefor Finland has been out of choice for some of the target groups (younger travellers, bigger families).

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