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Olemme keränneet Suomen matkailuelinkeinolle ajankohtaista tietoa, tulevaisuuden näkymiä ja muuta hyödyllistä materiaalia Saksasta matkailumarkkinana. Englanninkielinen markkinakatsausmateriaali päivitetään kaksi kertaa vuodessa.

Updated August 2021

Finland's position in the market

Finland and the Nordics are considered winners of the new normal. Widely crisis free, nature driven destinations seem to be the winners. Within the Nordic context Finland is leading winter holiday destination. With summer Finland location and accessibility put us behind. Finnish culture is our weak point as widely unknown and behind the language barrier.

Competition on 2nd largest outbound market is hard. According to RA-study Nordics are hardest competitors but our audience is open for a wide range of destinations.

We have seen a dramatic loss of capacity during the pandemic in airline seats between DACH-Finland. Market leader Finnair is now some 60 % behind (8.2021) but has announced to reinstall its service according the demand. Lufthansa plans pre covid schedule for winter. Easyjet and Ryanair have published restart at autumn. New route is DUS-RVN from Eurowings is starting in December.

Finnlines has managed to successfully operate through the crisis with good demand in 2021.
New sustainable option is the nighttrain Berlin-Stockholm connecting to ferries

Finland has remained present in German media with active media work and many stories published with a delay.

Consumer trends and behavior

Consumers have shifted to domestic travel in 2021 due to border regulations. The will to travel is high when safe and pleasant holiday travel is possible again.

It seems online channels are winner in Germany. The classic travel catalog and numerous promotions linked to printed offers is at stake as consumers decide impulsive when and where to travel. This goes along with digital media and influencers coming closer to point of sale.

The role of tour operators remain high during crisis with better booking conditions and consumer safety. On the other side travel with own car has been a winner where bookings come via OTAs or directly.

Nature experiences, sustainability, camping, biking and hiking compiles the biggest trends at the Finland audience.

Industry update and distribution channels

The market has seen a few dramatic situations but until now the state support, loans and quick adaptation has saved our sales channels in Germany. Many persons have left the trade and lack of staff is one of the hottest topics which influences production, sales and marketing at tour operators.

The digital disruption has sped up and new concepts pop up daily often trying to solve logistics like a crowd funded holiday flight concept.

Finnish DMCs have managed to establish themselves well during winter. As a result of the pandemic tour production becomes harder to manage for tour operators which opens new possibilities for incoming product management.

Finland travel USP's

Nature combined with Finland other main USPs happiness, freedom to roam, thousand lakes and last but not least sauna are all highly potential for our audiences and a dream come true combination in DACH, especially in combination our destination identity comes to a unique profile which is the basis for communication. Safety and sustainability play a increasingly big role in travel decisions.

Finland also owns Santa Claus and it works in Germany. Finland has copied many German Christmas traditions, but the Germans are happy to let us sing Oi kuusipuu as our own song and the less commercial Finnish version of the holidays is appealing as long owning is not disrespecting other Christmas cultures. New Year celebration is often combined and both together form a peak travel season.

Are our USP strong enough to drive business? Absolutely, but we might lose the client if we do not give availability for our products turning inspiration into frustration. Especially online channels are not "on request" and linking several services into a 10 day holiday package is not manageable any more.

We definitely should also remember key selling points which complete our promise for the chosen holiday. Be it Winter Wonderland with huskies and Northern lights or chillin at your own rented cottage at your own beach enjoying the endless light during the summer clear & easy narratives should be used to inspire our prospects.

Main products are touring, cottage holidays, city breaks and winter holidays. Ideally our content is based on main products and USPs and key selling point should define the communication.

Sustainability is something we own with the other Nordics and maybe we should conclude sustainability is always inclusive in a Finland holiday? At the moment ca 8 % are willing to pay more for a sustainable holiday but 70 % are reacting to the theme. In other words: market for "sustainable holidays" is niche but sustainability drives the decision for products for the majority. Sustainability seem to be a generation issue also, so millenials and younger are highly aware of the environment. The green movement started in Germany.

Future outlook and upcoming season

The pandemic is changing consumer behavior. Majority of Germans will stay close to home on holidays until 2022 summer holidays. We hear bookings are coming in for winter holidays and the recovery started with the opening of Finnish borders for the vaccinated & recovered in July 2022.

We think the recovery will be more complex than just pushing the button. We have less products on the market, less airline seat capacity, uncertainties in the pandemic development, some segments like business travel have been hit harder.

Personally I have concerns about the recovery of the classic sales channels and we most likely are looking towards footwork, trainings, fam trips to renew the offer of destination Finland and motivate our retail partners to offer and sell. For this Visit Finland has prepared a set of tools to enable quicker recovery.

The ongoing quick digitization gives us many new options starting with AI driven algorithms adapting real time to our audiences needs in advance of their own mind. Or utilizing crowd funding for special services is interesting new sustainable way of optimizing services and drives direct business.

The new product formula is given in the previous answer. It is too early to say the recovery will go. It seems consumers are not experimenting: new trends are longer stays, less holidays trips and the biggest close to home might be the biggest challenge.

Workation might be the big thing as homeoffice could be a holiday homeoffice and new work concepts with access to business centers or team projects with "incentive" content might turn strong.

Luckily Finland has a wide spread target group in Germany according to the recent "Reiseanalyse" The interest based segmentation by Nepa works very well in this context.

It seems that vaccinations remain with border regulations and especially quarantines are trip killers. Now children are not vaccinated and are eventually forced to quarantines. Therefore families and unvaccinated persons seem least likely audiences for Finland as long as there are pandemic restrictions.

Nature will most likely remain our key USP and nature lovers our main target group. Good news is that nature is strongly increasing in importance, is seamlessly linked with sustainability and the combination makes Finland stand out in the future.

Saksa matkailumarkkinana

Saksalaiset ovat matkailijakansaa ja kaikille tuotesegmenteille löytyy omat asiakkaat. Trendinä ovat yhä lyhyemmät lomat, joita tehdään useampi vuodessa.

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