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Balancing work with life is made easy. We invest in knowledge, innovation and people. Join our talented teams as a professional and build a life around your career in Finland!
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Attractive work opportunities and a high quality of life

Call for talented professionals interested in advancing their careers in the world's most innovative country. Come and work in Finland!

You're a high achiever, a talented software developer, a specialist or top performer in your field. Perhaps you are a senior professional couple looking for the ideal work-life balance. Or you have a compelling business plan for the next born-global startup. You have high-caliber skills – and kids who can benefit from the best education system in the world. If this special someone sounds like you, then let's talk.

Finland loves talent from every corner of the world. We support professionals who want to work in Finland with visa and work permit applications, startup funding and advice for setting up a business. Bring your passion and expertise to Finland and discover why this is a great place to pursue your career and to build a life rich in new experiences and opportunities.

Explore what Finland has to offer

Come and work with some of the best teams on the planet! Finland is among the superpowers in ICT & Digitalization, from 5G networks to financial technology and AR/VR innovations to IoT, digital education and health solutions. Finland’s booming gaming industry is led by companies like Supercell (Clash of Clans) and Rovio (Angry Birds). We are also a global cleantech pioneer and a testbed for tomorrow’s smart energy solutions. Innovative Finnish companies are developing fiber-based products, organic formulations for healthcare and cosmetics, and solutions for the circular economy.

Check out what is happening in our key industries – including the latest innovations and development – and how you can become part of the leading tech ecosystem. Explore Finland

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Why work in Finland?

  • Finland, the happiest country in the world (UN World Happiness Report 2019)

  • Most employee friendly working hours (European Company Survey)

  • Greenest country in the world (Yale University)

  • 3rd in Global Gender Gap Report 2017 (World Economic Forum)

  • Paid maternity and paternity leave

  • 1st in skill development at work (European Working Conditions Survey)


Important links

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About finding a job and setting up a business:

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About the Finnish work environment: