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Arvo Piiroinen Oy

PIIROINEN, founded in 1949, is a Finnish family-owned company. Our factory and head-quarters are located in South-West of Finland, in Salo. Our partners and clients are around the world.
We offer a wide collection of high quality seats for large sport arenas, auditoriums, music halls, etc. as well as other design furniture for public spaces. With our know-how we can take a full responsibility of the layout planning, product development, manufacturing and installation of seats and other furniture. We know how to design and manufacture furniture with high technical quality and affordable price.
Sport Arenas are demanding functional environments. The premises are created according to the architectural, visual, acoustic and technical completeness. Seating must be comfortable and suitable for multipurpose arenas.

PIIROINEN is prominent Finnish furniture and seating manufacturer that offers furniture that satisfies customer’s specific needs.
We have years of experience working with both domestic and international projects.

Last updated 7.1.2019

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Arvo Piiroinen Oy