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Terms of use

Innovation Funding Agency Business Finland and Business Finland Oy (hereafter jointly referred to as Business Finland) have created the website in order to better serve their customers. Welcome to our website!

The use of the website requires the acceptance of the following terms and conditions. By using this website, you agree to comply with these terms of use. You may not use the website if you do not agree to these terms. Business Finland retains the right to amend these terms of use at any time by updating them.

Individual documents and/or services in the e-services included in the website may be subject to separate terms of use, in which case these special terms are applied to these documents/services.

The official general terms and conditions applied to Business Finland’s funding decisions are always appended to individual funding decisions, and the more informal general terms published on the website are not applicable to activities related to funding decisions.

In the United States the materials are provided by Business Finland USA, Inc. on behalf of Business Finland Oy.


The Business Finland web pages may be browsed on a computer or equivalent device, parts thereof may be printed out, and material contained therein may be disclosed further.  The use of the pages or the material contained therein for other than non-commercial purposes is prohibited without prior written permission from Business Finland.

The contents and images on this website are the property of Business Finland or its cooperation partners and protected under international copyright law unless otherwise stated.

Announcements published by Business Finland and other documents intended to be made public may be used for public communication provided that the information source is acknowledged when using it.

Unauthorized use or distribution of material contained herein may violate copyright, trademark rights or other legal protection rights and incur penalties or liability for damages.


Business Finland provides the website to its users as is and retains the right to modify the pages or limit access to them at any time. Business Finland does not guarantee the faultless or uninterrupted operation of the website and maintains no responsibility for any direct or indirect damage caused by the use of the website.

Business Finland provides no warranty for the suitability of the material for a specific purpose and shall not be liable for any damage caused by using the information contained herein.


If Business Finland’s website provides links to third-party websites or services, Business Finland maintains no responsibility for the contents or services on the third-party websites. The use of third-party websites is entirely at your own risk. Please read the terms of use and accept them before using the website.

Material sent by users or a third party to Business Finland’s website

By submitting unsolicited material (such as feedback) addressed to Business Finland by email or through the website, you give Business Finland and the website users the right to use and disclose the submitted material without compensation, unless otherwise agreed. Any material submitted, reported or sent by a user or other third party to the site is public and can be freely used by anyone. Such material may be used, copied, distributed, modified, developed, or otherwise utilized.

Business Finland does not check the content or correctness of the submitted material and maintains no responsibility for its content. You accept and confirm that the material you submit to the website is owned by you or you have permission to send it, and that the material is not unlawful or otherwise unfit for publication. Business Finland also requires that you have taken precautions to detect and remove any viruses from the submitted material. Business Finland retains the right to remove material submitted to the website at any time.

Customer materials related to the use of Business Finland’s services are subject to service-specific terms and conditions.


Business Finland complies with Personal Data Act and protects the privacy of its website visitors in accordance with valid laws.


Business Finland uses various technical applications on its websites, in its services and their mobile applications. These include long- and short-term cookies, which are used to gather and record information about online behavior and the services used. Identifying information provided on the website is also recorded, and the information gathered can be combined. Business Finland does not use cookies to sound a company’s funding opportunities. The purpose of the cookies and the gathered information is to make analyzing online traffic easier, which makes it possible to improve the customer experience both on the website and in different services.

Cookies refer to data saved by the network server on the hard drive of a computer visiting the website so that the visitor to the website can be identified. Here ‘computer’ also refers to smartphones and tablets. Cookies make it possible to offer the website visitors targeted content and product recommendations, among other things, identify the selected language and develop the service so that it is even more customer-friendly. Please note that while the default settings of computer browsers most likely accept cookies, they can be removed from the browser after using the service or blocked via the browser settings.

You can find information on Business Finland’s commonly used cookies below or change your cookie preferences here.


EpiServer publishing platform
The EpiServer publishing platform cookie regulates the content shown on our website and gathers information about the choices made by the user. With these cookies, we aim to improve your user experience on the website.

Google Tag Manager
Google Tag Manager helps us to share different kinds of tags and bits of code on our website.

We use the service to identify the companies that visited our website better.


Google Analytics
The data collected through web analytics is used to develop our website. For this purpose, Google Analytics uses cookies that allow your computer to be recognized when you return to or browse through this website. The cookies collect information on the number of visitors to the site, the websites from which visitors arrive to our website, and the pages they visit on our website. More information about Google Analytics cookies.


Facebook cookies
We use cookies to track activity on Facebook. These cookies do not tell us who visits the website, but we can use the information to put together a target audience, to whom we can show more accurately targeted content on our website. Learn about Facebook cookies at this address.

Twitter cookies
We use cookies to track activity on Twitter. These cookies do not tell us who visits the website, but we can use the information to put together a target audience, to whom we can show more accurately targeted content on our website. You can learn more about Twitter cookies at this address.

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We use cookies to track activity on LinkedIn. These cookies do not tell us who visits the website, but we can use the information to put together a target audience, to whom we can show more accurately targeted content on our website. Learn about the LinkedIn cookies at this address.

Adform is an advertising tool that we use to gather information about the effects of marketing. Learn about Adform cookies at this address.

Google Ads
Google Ads is a tool for gathering data related to measuring the effects of advertising and identifying target groups. This data does not make it possible to identify individuals.


All names, graphics, logos and trademarks appearing on this site belong to Business Finland or its cooperation partners. Copying, transferring, distributing, storing or otherwise using them is forbidden without prior written permission from Business Finland or its cooperation partner.


The terms of use are governed by the laws of Finland. If any disputes relating to these terms of use cannot be resolved through negotiation, they will be settled at Helsinki District Court.