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Finland is the smart energy test-bed for tomorrow's brightest solutions

The world needs an energy boost of 45% by 2030. To make this happen, energy distribution needs to get a lot smarter and renewable energy more universal. Finland is one of the most advanced smart grid markets in the world and provides an ideal test-bed for tomorrow’s smart energy solutions.

Climate change, accelerating urbanization, and rapidly growing industry call for creating and renewing energy infrastructure in both the developing and developed countries.

To make all this happen, global energy distribution needs to get a lot smarter and renewable energy more universal. And this is where Finland comes into play.


The Finnish smart energy know-how is ready to electrify the global energy transformation. Finland has one of the most advanced smart grid markets in the world, and we provide an ideal testbed for tomorrow's smart energy solutions.

We have decades worth of experience in running an extremely stable electric grid while pioneering the use of smart meters. Nowadays we are focusing on high-level digitalization and smart grid 2.0.

Finland is also making smart transformations in the energy mix. Already 40% of Finnish energy is produced by renewable energy like biomass, hydro, wind power, and solar energy, but the Finnish government will not stop there. Finland will go coal-free by 2030 and is investing heavily in renewable energy and biofuels.


It has taken years of relentless public-private technology innovation to become a smart energy and renewables forerunner. And now, Finnish companies are global market leaders in renewable technologies, such as wind turbine components, solar inverters, and bio and waste-to-energy systems, and pioneers in system integration and smart networks.

Finland is the unpassable hub for smart energy innovation and partnering. Finnish brainpower and clean technologies will help you transform conventional electrical grids into high-performance smart grids with distributed energy generation, intelligent power management, and a high level of digitalization.

We provide an electric R&D environment and a perfect testbed for companies offering smart grid technology and distribution automation. If you are an international software or IoT company looking for lucrative partnering opportunities or a company offering smart grid technology and distribution automation, you should make Finland your next destination.

Tomorrow's smart energy tech is truly developed and tested in Finland today.


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