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Nordic nature serves it's best in Finland

When it comes to Finnish foods, healthy and natural goes hand in hand.

Grain are big thing. In terms of land use grain production is the largest sector in Finland. Individual oat, rye, barley or spelt grains may be tiny, but healthy an top quality thanks to the short and intensive growing season. They have become important products fueling healthy living and new Finnish innovation.

Finnish grain, like rye, barley or spelt, grows from pure air and clean water. With pure ingredients it it easy to produce delicious and healthy snacks like bars, smoothies and granola.

Oat, Finland's best loved

Who would have thought, from one tiny grain, a whole industry of food innovation, wellness and flavours can grow? But that's the story behind the humble oat, one of Finland's best loved and most widely grown crops – accounting for 13% of the EU's total oat production each year.

While oats thrive in temperate climates all across the world, they particularly enjoy cooler temperatures and some rain - meaning the growing season in Finland is not as short as you might think, and even a 'bad' Finnish summer can be a good summer for oats!