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Space made down-to-Earth

Finland is a stellar spot for New Space Economy. We build nanosatellites, refine satellite data for commercial use, do world-class research and accelerate space business. From numerous ESA projects to autonomous ships, ice-breaking, next generation forestry, space missions, you name it. Let Finland work for you!

New Space Economy

New Space Economy landscape in Finland

The New Space Economy landscape presents Finland's national new space offering, companies, research and much more. The landscape is a tool for international customers to take a quick overview on Finland's significant expertise in the New Space Economy.

Download the New Space Economy in Finland landscape (pdf)


Interested in situational awareness?

The Finnish Joint Offering in Situational Awareness Solutions collects together companies representing carrier platforms, sensors, connectivity, data-analysis and user interfaces. These technologies enable you to control costs and increase profits, through rapid change detection and informed decision making, in numerous application areas such as: Smart City, Maritime Services, Smart Agriculture and Forestry.

Explore Finnish Situational Awareness solutions (pdf)


Watch the video on Finland's stellar space know-how

Why Finland and New Space Economy

Emerging New Space Economy creates an unique opportunity to benefit from strong Finnish innovation, technology and business ecosystems.

  • World leading wireless technology ecosystem
  • Extensive R&D know-how and capabilities
  • Existing high-value, high-quality and high-reliability manufacturing capabilities
  • Radiation testing capabilities for electronics
  • Strong cyber security cluster
  • World leading know-how in hyper spectral imaging, pattern recognition and image analytics
  • World leading know-how in surveying natural resources and environment
  • High-speed and capacity data infrastructure and connections abroad, excellent location for data centers, low electricity price
  • Strong IPR-protection, stable legislation and regulation
  • Funding for ecosystems and networks
  • Attractive NSE-related development in Finland: Smart mobility, Mobility as a Service, Smart Logistics, autonomous vehicles and vessels

Radio technology know-how

  • Finland is one of the leading countries in radio technologies: from HF to mm-waves
  • Vibrant ecosystem with both small and big companies
  • R&D competences and system research to components, signal processing and protocol SW and full product development
  • Examples of world leading products: 5G base stations, mobile cellular devices, satellite phones, GPS watches and navigational devices, cognitive HF-radio network and terminals, weather radars etc.

Geophysical and bio economy know-how to enable new services

  • High-level research and know how in geosciences
  • Atmospheric aerosol know-how and research
  • Inversion modelling and imaging
  • Hyperspectral imaging and image analysis
  • Ionosphere and plasma physics research, space weather
  • Forest research and inventory
  • Environmental research
  • Arctic research
  • Snow and ice
  • This know-how combined with NSE satellite data acquisition can create new innovative services. E.g. exploring and monitoring natural resources

Now, would you be interested in collaborating with some of the finest New Space Economy companies and research on the planet? We're here to help you to network and find right partners.

Finland's strong tech expertise, high education level and vibrant startup scene contribute to an attitude of innovation. Finland is at the forefront of digitalization, communication technologies and smart&clean technologies. Every day, billions of people around the world use electronic devices, software and services, that are designed and developed in Finland.

Finnish companies stem from an Arctic environment and a culture of trust, brought about by high social, economic, legal and political stability, as well as trustworthy relationships with other nations and the absence of corruption. Finland is a leading country in radio frequency and wireless technologies, hyperspectral imaging, pattern recognition and image analytics. This know-how builds on joint research efforts of Finnish universities and research institutes and the private sector.

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New Space Economy

Now, would you be interested in collaborating with some of the finest New Space Economy companies and research on the planet? We're here to help you to network and find right partners.

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