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Health & Wellbeing

Small giant in healthcare

Finland is one of the world's hotspots for health R&D, consistently ranked among the world's leading countries in healthcare, education, innovation, digitalization and good governance.

Personalized health creating an excellent setting for health R&D

As one of the first countries to compile social and welfare data in digital registries, and with a 100% population penetration in electronic health records, Finland's digital health data is globally unique when it comes to their scope and depth.

Due to the well-curated health and social services data resources, Finland is in the fore front of data-driven precision medicine, making Finland a trusted location for pharmaceutical research and development operations.

World-class innovation ecosystem

In addition to unique health data repositories, several other factors make Finland an attractive location for developing innovations in the field of data-driven solutions: broad-based skills of highly educated people; people's trust in public authorities; a tradition of public–private partnership as well as forward-looking, innovation friendly legislation.

Reliable and efficient ecosystem

"Finnish research is always highly professional. What distinguishes the Finnish ecosystem and Finnish hospitals is their very high efficiency and reliability. I would certainly recommend any healthcare company that is planning multicenter research projects to consider Finnish research centers."

Natalia Muehleman
Global Business Manager
Nestle Health Science

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