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Wellness Center Anttolanhovi

Anttolanhovi is situated by the lake Saimaa, 20 minutes away from the city of Mikkeli and 3hour drive from Helsinki. Mikkeli was originally chosen as location by national association of respiratory illnesses due to its exceptionally good air quality.

Business opportunity

Total area of 116 hectares consists of 4 different properties and the existing main buildings are hotel and wellness center incl. sporting hall, restaurant building, and 13 Art & Design Villas.
There are building rights enabling about 20 new luxury villas to be built right away to complement the existing 13 ones. The biggest property of about 93 hectares including among other things even 2 small lakes, is currently unbuilt and has considerable potential for leisure housing of about additional 100-200 houses and/or for example golf course.