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Tune in for insights on the Finnish business environment

Future with Finland is a series of podcasts from Invest in Finland, looking at the unique business, research and development, and innovation landscape in Finland.

We are joined by many industry experts sharing their experiences within Finland and explaining how their companies have achieved success there. The podcast series will cover a range of subjects – in the first edition of the series, we will touch topics of:

  • Digitalization and innovation
  • AI
  • Twin transition
  • Space
  • Health technologies

Dive deeper

As one of the world's most competitive and open economies, Finland has a lot to offer for international companies. Find out more about the Finnish business environment and explore inspirational success stories.

Episode 1

Land of introverted engineers

Theme of the episode: digitalization and innovation

Why Finland is constantly ranked among the most innovative and digitally-focused countries in the world? And how companies benefit the culture of innovation in Finland? Joining us in the conversation are Richard Haagensen from Schaeffler and Rob Connell from Nolwenture.

Hosted by Roy Meredith, Senior Advisor, and Janne Kari, Head of ICT & Digitalization at Business Finland.

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Episode 2

Land of societal trust

Theme of the episode: AI and its future

How Finland focuses on AI as a benefit for society, and how openness, trust and transparency in data and AI exist throughout the country? Joining us in the conversation are Tero Ojanperä from Silo.AI, Kristian Luoma from OP Financial Group and Meeri Haataja from Saidot.

Hosted by Roy Meredith, Senior Advisor and Arto Pussinen, Senior Director, Innovation Ecosystems at Business Finland.

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Episode 3

Twin transition and sustainability

Coming up on 6 May

Episode 4

Space made down-to-earth

Coming up on 27 May

Episode 5

Health tech and R&D

Coming up on 17 June