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Achieve your goals with Finland’s strengths

World-class technology, a talented workforce and excellent R&D opportunities are just some of the reasons to establish operations in Finland, the happiest country in the world.

Stable and functional business environment

Finland offers a business environment with uniquely high levels of stability, continuity and predictability. The pillars of Finland's peaceful and well-functioning society include transparent government and effective state institutions, an independent judicial system and respect for the rule of law.

#1 – No. 1 Business Environment in the World
Global Innovation Index 2021
#1 – The Most Stable Country in the World – 14th year in a row
Fund for Peace, Fragile States Index 2019


Fueled with Innovation

Finland's success story in becoming a highly industrialized, knowledge-based and innovative economy is based on free trade and openness to investment in the globalized economy. 

#3 – 3rd Most Innovative Country in the World
Innovation Champion, The Consumer Technology Association 2019
#2 – 2nd Most Skilled Workforce in the World
World Economic Forum, The Global Competitiveness Report 2019


Offering growth potential 

As a result, the Finnish business climate is very international and attractive to foreign investment, offering growth potential and business opportunities across different industries.

#1 – Leader in the number of FDI projects in the Nordic countries
EY Nordic Attractiveness Survey 2019
#1 – Happiest Country in the World – 5th year in a row
The World Happiness Report 2022

Future with Finland podcast series

Future with Finland is a series of podcasts, looking at the unique business, R&D, and innovation landscape in Finland. The podcast series covers a range of subjects – in the first edition of the series, we will touch topics of InnovationAIGreen transitionSpace, and Health data.

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