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Greenest country in the world

Finland ranks #1 in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Despite the success, we aim at reaching even higher. Finland is committed to sustainability on the social, economical and environmental levels. Investing in Finland means investing in sustainable growth.

Finnish DNA is built on sustainability

Finland is internationally recognized for its outstanding performance in reaching UN Sustainable Development Goals. For example, Finland has achieved or is close to achieving the UN SDGs related to poverty alleviation, health, education, water and energy, reducing inequality, peace and rule of law. Different stakeholders from all parts of society are strongly committed to creating sustainable growth for Finland.

We believe that technological and social innovations are the key to finding solutions that work inside and outside of Finland. Rather than being afraid of the challenges future brings, we meet the ambitious global and national climate targets with action and cooperation.

How we contribute to sustainability

Sustainability is one of the core pillars of Business Finland's 2025 strategy. As a part of Business Finland, Invest in Finland is strongly incorporating sustainability in everyday actions and following the sustainability practices set by the organization. Invest in Finland follows international sustainability standards, such as Agenda 2030, in investment promotion.

Supporting your company to grow

Finland is the ideal location for sustainable business development. Sustainable technology, research, innovation, ecosystems – you name it, we have it here. Our business environment supports sustainable initiatives and growth.

Invest in Finland helps you to grow your sustainable business in Finland. Our advisors help you to take sustainability on the next level by introducing you to top class networks, talent and services.

Did you know?

In addition to ranking #1 in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Finland is at the top level in other rankings as well when is comes to sustainability.

#1 – Happiest country in the world
UN World Happiness Report 2021

#2 – Finland has the 2nd best sustainable competitiveness in the world
The Global Sustainable Competitiveness Index 2021

#2 – Finland ranks 2nd in the global energy innovations, shining in entrepreneurial experimentation and market formation
Global Energy Innovation Index 2021