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Future with Finland

Finland offers a vibrant and friendly startup ecosystem with accelerators, angel investors, VC's and strong innovation support by the government. Finland is an excellent test bed for innovative, ambitious startup teams and a great place to scale business globally. While you are growing your startup business, you can enjoy your life in the happiest country in the world.




The Finnish education system is known and referenced worldwide. It is the backbone of Finland that keeps us producing innovations and technology to the world.  Finland is one of the best places in the world to develop intelligent connectivity, 5G, smart mobility, AR/VR and digital trust, just to name a few. For companies this means achieving new levels of competitiveness through innovation and to gaining access to related global business opportunities.


Slush's startup track is tailored for young, often tech-driven, companies aiming for rapid growth with a scalable business model. Whether you’re looking for investors, customers, talent, media or advisors, they’ve got them all lined up in Slush Helsinki.

Slush is the worlds leading startup event - it's a gathering of 25,000 curious minds, including 4,000 startups and 2,000 investors.


Finland has two main goals at Slush 2019. The first goals is to showcase selected Finnish startups and to give them an opportunity to show what they've got to offer.

In addition to our showcased startups, we want to give you a glimpse into the Finnish business environment. Come and visit Finland at Slush if you want to learn about Finland as country to do business and work or if you'd like to discover more about Business Finland's services.

ICT & Digitalization
ICT & Digitalization
ICT & Digitalization
ICT & Digitalization

& Digitalization

Finland is open and private

Finland is the most innovative, trustable and safest partner in critical communication, cyber security and smart finance solutions and technologies. As a partner Finland will enable digitally safe society and a predictable environment. Finland´s experience and talent of critical communication is the best in the world.

Digitalization will challenge the society's safe and trustable digital environment globally. In order for society being able to operate efficiently and utilize the possibilities that digital transformation can offer digital solutions need to be safe and trustable.

Finland is connecting everything

Finland connects networks to software, services to devices for communications service providers, industries, public sector and consumers. Finland is the most innovative, trustable and safest partner in the digital transformation of intelligent connectivity and solutions.

Artificial Intelligence for a better world

Finland has been working with AI research since 1960's and today we have a wide variety of leading companies on the field. AI can be utilized virtually anywhere like healthcare, customer service, Data processing, autonomous traffic - and Finland's the right place to do it.

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Talent Boost

Growth with international experts

Hiring the first international experts is often a big step for the company. In many areas, specialists can be found abroad or in universities in Finland. Companies with a wide range of expertise succeed in the international market. Innovative startup companies founded by foreigners are welcome to grow their businesses in Finland.

About the program

Companies seeking international growth need the best experts to succeed in the world. Often this means that the desired expert comes from abroad. Talent Boost provides companies with networks to find international experts and a financial incentive to recruit the first international experts. The company's culture and know-how develops through international experts which accelerates growth and success in export markets.

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