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The hottest place to develop games

100 billion industry with a Finnish twist 

Angry Birds. Clash of Clans. Alan Wake…

The Finnish game know-how means Scandinavia’s biggest game industry. We are a tech hub with a vibrant gaming startup scene. Key factors behind the growth in Finland is community connectedness of local robust gaming community, a globally connected hub of game developers, and the technologically creative brains behind it.

Worlds leading gaming clan

Finland is the place to develop games. The world is looking at Finland when seeking the newest trends and innovations in gaming industry to invest in. The Finnish game engine combines creativeness with best technological talent and continuously produces new titles. It is no wonder that Finland has been ranked as the most innovative country in the 2020 index. We might be a small country in terms of population size, but our gaming society is substantial, active and welcoming all players on board.