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Digital innovation is coded in the Finnish DNA

Finland is one of the global superpowers in ICT and digitalization. We change the world with our digital skills and future-proof innovations. We are an agile testbed for global solutions and a nation of early adopters, problem-solving mindset and curiosity to do things in a new way.

We have brought SMS, SSH, 5G, and Linux to the world, you can even find Finnish sensors on Mars. All this is enabled by active public-private co-operation, combined with an active start-up scene and innovative testbeds. Our digital mindset and environment produce innovations and brilliant end-user applications. Our long technology legacy ensures the best availability of scientists and engineers and a highly competent and productive workforce. Finland has the most digital startups per capita in the world.

Connected and secure

Finland is an undisputed cybersecurity leader. Our pioneering global players and determined startups provide comprehensive digital resilience for all industries, from threat detection and prevention to respond and recovery solutions and services. As a partner Finland enables digitally safe society and a predictable environment. Our experience and talent of critical communication is the best in the world.

With world becoming digitalized and connected, automotive, transportation and maritime industries are looking for new innovative solutions and technologies for tomorrow's intelligent vehicles and vessels. Finns are renowned for creating user-driven solutions and sought-after technologies, in large part due to the holistic understanding of digitalization and the entire digital value chain. We have a solid track record in developing smart and sustainable solutions for ships and ports, next generation forestry and mining, health technology, you name it. We build nanosatellites, refine satellite data for commercial use and accelerate space business.

Home of AI

Finland has been working with AI research since 1960's and today we have a wide variety of top-of-the-notch companies developing and utilizing AI in business operations across industries and within public sector. Finland was one of the first countries with AI strategy and a today offers a free Elements of AI online course which gives citizens a basic understanding of AI giving the tools to follow and participate in the debate around the topic.

Finland is an early adopter of innovative technologies that automate basic human tasks and augments human decision making. We are using artificial intelligence across industries to create unique and cutting-edge products and services that will become an important part of the global economy in the future.