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Finland works for us, now let it work for you!

From pure food and nature to technological excellence, Finland is a source of continuous innovations with a global impact – take a look of our key industries.

ICT & Digitalization

Finland might be the best kept secret among the global superpowers in ICT and digitalization. Our innovations enable companies and individuals around the world to enjoy experiences and solutions like never before. Finland has brought the 5G, SMS, and the Linux operating system to the world, just to mention a few. You can even find Finnish sensors on Mars. Finnish ICT companies offer rewarding job opportunities to international talents eager to advance their careers. Explore the industry and join our talented professionals in creating the ICT and digitalization innovations of the future.  Read more


Bio & Circular economy

Everything that is made out of oil today can be made out of wood tomorrow – and in Finland we are already doing it! Finland invests heavily in bioeconomy research and development and we have world-class know-how in developing innovative biobased products and technologies. Customers from around the world are already making good use of the services provided by laboratories, demonstration and piloting facilities in Finland. As a result, there are exceptional opportunities to advance your career in the Finnish Bio and circular economy. Explore the industry! Read more


Tomorrow's smart energy tech is developed and tested in Finland today. Already 40% of Finnish energy is produced from renewables like biomass, hydro, wind power, and solar energy, but the Finnish government is not stopping there. Finland will go coal-free by 2030 and is investing heavily in renewable energy and biofuels. If smart energy is your passion and field of expertise, you will feel at home in Finland – a dynamic hub for innovation and partnering. Check out the Finnish energy sector in more detail. Read more


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Health & Wellbeing


Food and beverages